Friday, November 17, 2017

Squat Cobbler reviews all of Alice Cooper Albums

Squat Cobbler are 2 guys on YouTube that
reviewed all of Alice Cooper's albums up to "Paranormal".

Go to: Squat Cobbler

I just found this the other day. I only listened to 3 reviews
so far. But they seem to have a better background on
Alice Cooper than some other groups.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

BACK ISSUE on Marvel Comic From The Inside

BACK ISSUE #101, December issue
is a magazine that talks about comic books.

It's pretty cool I purchase it from time to time depending on the articles.
This issue is all about Rock N' Roll Comics.
In the FlashBack section they talk about the making of
Marvel Premiere #50 which is Alice Cooper "From The Inside" comic book.
Page 60 to 65 article goes behind the making of Alice's first comic book.

You can order it in print or digital download which is cheaper but if
you buy the print you get a free digital download.
You may find it on news stands if any are around or 
order it at Twomorrows

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Noize In The Attic Podcast interviews Dennis Dunaway

Episode #42 of Noize In The Attic Podcast 
interviews Dennis Dunaway (starts about 15 minutes into podcast)

Host Greg (who sounds like Mr. Rogers) interviews Dennis Dunaway on his book,
Alice Cooper days, the break up, touring and "Paranormal"

Below is my take of the interview so for those who don't want any spoilers
don't go any further if you haven't listened to the podcast.

EvenSpotSpeaks view of podcast:
Between the interview they play some Alice Cooper songs.
Greg sort of hints was it management (Shep Gordon) who suggested the break up 
which Dennis replies it was many of things or straws that broke the camel's back.
Dennis also mentions during the Billion Dollar Babies time Alice was being
separated from the group and they really didn't have any chance to just
do a sit down and talk. Dennis sort of hesitates when Greg implies that Shep wanted
to keep the band together. During this time there were people surrounding Alice
who seem to keep the band away as Dennis responds to these people as chaperons
it sounded to me like he said "Shep"erons.

Another interesting part of the interview is the making of "Paranormal"
or prior to it as being a full original Alice Cooper Group reunion album.
Later changed to a number of songs. What I also asked myself was
why the 2nd CD that was included in the "Paranormal" release was just
part of a live performance w/ the current backing band. I would of thought
why not include the Houston, TX reunion show in which Dennis brought up
saying they were going to use it but changed it to what's on it now.
too me again it seems like they don't want to promote the original band on that 2nd disc.

Of course like Dennis says Alice is such a pleasant person no one
would even bring up the reason for the break up and Alice never mentions it.
I sort of believe they (the original band members) won't bring it up to Alice
since it's like scaring away a little animal. You don't want to make noise
or wave your arms that it may run away. The original group plays
w/ Alice from time to time which is better than not at all.
Suggested this will be baby steps in recording a whole album
but I honestly think it would not happen since Alice is still 
surrounded by "Shep"erons.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Albums Released by Old Folks in 2017 Are Completely Awesome

Alice Cooper makes the list of the older rockstars who
are still putting out new material. Other Elder's of Rock are
Robert Plant, Rolling Stones, Cat Stevens, Willie Nelson,
Lyndsey Buckingham/Christie McVie

Alice Cooper, “Paranormal”

When I heard “Dynamite Road” while driving around one day, I thought, “How did I miss this great 
Alice Cooper tune for all these years?”

Turns out, I hadn’t missed anything — the song was on 2017’s brand-new “Paranormal,” the 69-year-
old’s latest. Cooper is at his best when he’s absolutely living up to his deranged image and conjoining 
it with flat-out thunderous rock-n-roll. 

He gets an assist from U2’s Larry Mullen on drums and, for the riff-tastic “Fallen in Love,” ZZ Top’s 
Billy Gibbons, laying down glorious six-string raunch. But he also shows a soul side, complete with 
a horn section and considerable gospel flavor, on “Holy Water.”

The whole thing is thumpin’-good, eye-winkingly nasty fun.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ultimate Classic Rock Ranks Alice Cooper Albums

First part of this Ultimate Classic Rock article is about
45 Years Ago Alice Cooper's "In Concert" TV appearance
was banned by most parts of the country.

Below that article is Ultimate Classic Rock ranking of
Alice Cooper albums not including his latest "Paranormal
click here on Ultimate Classic Rock

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Monster Dog at Comet TV on Nov. 3rd

Go to Comet TV to see the 1984, MONSTER DOG movie
Friday, Nov 3rd 2017
at 6pm EST/PST, 5pm CST, 7pm MST

Go to Comet TV

Monday, October 30, 2017

My Top 10 Alice Cooper Halloween Songs

My Top 10 Alice Cooper Halloween Songs
I have changed the list many times but have to decide before Halloween is over.
Of course Alice is The Godfather of Halloween and a very clever lyricist. 

Have a Happy Halloween

10. Former Lee Warmer from 1983, Dada 
Former Lee Warmer is the brother who's locked
in his room and peers out behind the curtain windows in his room. This album is more like Alfred Hitchcock than Steven King which sometimes implying makes it more scary.

9. Ballad of Dwight Fry from 1971, Love It To Death
Ballad of Dwight Fry from one of the RKO horror characters
who plays Igor or Renfield in Dracula and Frankenstein movies
appeared to Alice as more frightening than the monsters.

8. Millie And Billie from 1978, From The Inside
It starts off sounding like a love song only to get more demented
as they talk about slicing and sealing Millie's husband Donald in 

7. Killer from 1971, Killer
I think the priest praying in Latin as his walking down the hall
with the convicted killer to his execution and the organ music
along with that final swirl of death ends the song.

6. Tag, You're It from 1982, Zipper Catches Skin
I like the way narrates this sort of bedtime or campfire story.

5. He's Back (Man Behind The Mask) from 1986, Constrictor 
Soundtrack to Friday's The 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

4. Gail from 1987, Raise Your Fist And Yell 
This could be a trilogy w/ 
Chop, Chop, Chop/Gail/Roses On White Lace
but the Gail lyrics are very creepy. 

3. Years Ago/Steven from 1975, Welcome To My Nightmare 
Year Ago the spooky carnival music sort of like Carnival of Souls movie that leads into Steven as Alice sings in a little boy's voice. Many stories of who is he singing too and why are they dead.

2. Dead Babies from 1971, Killer 
When I first heard that baby cry it gave me chills. Of course
the song is about child neglect but the music makes it spookier.

 1. I Love The Dead from 1973, Billion Dollar Babies
The title itself is scary and only gets eerie as Alice sings
"...cadaver eyes upon me see... nothing"
That pause before he says "nothing" just builds up the terror.
This song reminds me of an old horror film w/ Bela Lugosi
roaming the cemetery.

Some of the runner ups were:
Wind-Up Toy - Hey Stoopid, 1991
The One That Got Away - Along Came A Spider, 2008
Pick Up The Bones - Brutal Planet, 2000