Friday, April 24, 2015

1977, Two Tour Posters on eBay

First off these are not my items.
I just happen to window shop on eBay today of things
I would buy if I had the money.

Two promotional posters from 1977
I never seen before
The Alice Cooper Show and Lace And Whiskey
posted as one day left.

If I had a choice I would pick The Alice Cooper Show
I always thought that was a good album. Great
guitar work by Wagner & Hunter.
So if anyone out there feels generous enough & would like 
to purchase it as a gift for me...

The Alice Cooper Show
($69, list size as 18.5" x 35.5")

Lace And Whiskey
($50, no size listed but educated guess would be same as above poster)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dee Snider on Eddie Trunk Interview talks a bit on Alice Cooper Group

The Eddie Trunk Podcast and Youtube on March 9, 2015
is an interview w/ Dee Snider.

Ever since I known Twisted Sister I always knew Dee was a big Alice Cooper fan.
I remember at onetime he even jammed w/ members of the Original Alice Cooper.

During this interview Dee brings up Alice Cooper 3 times. You can tell Eddie Trunk doesn't
know much of Alice Cooper cause he changes the conversation. Trunk is a KISS fan
and actually just came into knowing Alice Cooper recently. He probably didn't even know
Alice Cooper started out as a band. 

Anyway Dee brings up Neal Smith and Michael Bruce saying Bruce wrote a number
of Alice Cooper hits. Also Dee quotes from Bruce saying "never name a band after the singer."
Another part of the interview Dee brings up how angry he was as a kid when Alice Cooper band
broke up that he even wrote a song about it but never recorded it. Dee reads off a few lines of the song.
Dee also gives the Alice Cooper Group credit for being recognized in the R n' R Hall of Fame.
Then final time Dee talks about retiring and says Alice Cooper said he will retire 3 years after The Stones retire. 

So if you go to the Youtube interview at

1st counter time: 12:42 - 13:27
2nd: 31:50 - 33:40
3rd: 43:00 - 43:50

If for some reason Youtube is down you can hear it at
Eddie Trunk Podcast

1st counter time: 29:50
2nd: 48:45
3rd: 1:00:00

Friday, April 3, 2015

2014, Nurture & Support podcast, Alice Cooper Special Forces & Comic Books

I just stumbled upon this podcast called Nurture & Support
Not really familiar with the program.

1st podcast is
Episode 38 - Alice Cooper's army meets Bloaty Head
from August 29, 2014
which talks about Alice Cooper's "Special Forces" record.
this episode starts off w/ Alice Cooper up to about 13:00 on the time counter.

On episode 55 they discuss the 3 Alice Cooper Comic Books.
"Tales From The Inside", "The Last Temptation" and
the latest from Dynamite Comics "Alice."

Episode 55 - The Return of Alice Cooper and Creepy Cute
from December 26, 2014
The Alice section starts at 15:00 and ends around 27:30 time counter

I found it funny that they didn't even know Neil Gaiman
How can you not know Neil Gaiman. Also on the character Steven
they mention he was in "Welcome To My Nightmare" which is right but
then go on to say in "Alice Cooper Goes To Hell" Steven went to hell.
When actually it was Alice Cooper going to Hell hence the title.
Steven was told this bedtime story that is printed in the vinyl sleeve or
CD booklet notes.
But any interest in Alice Cooper is good news.