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1992, oct, VOX issue, Neil Gaiman "Dream Weaver"

October 1992
VOX publication
"Dream Weaver"

Neil Gaiman talks a bit about collaborating w/ Alice Cooper
on the making of The Last Temptation album.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Alice Cooper's Double Decker Sandwich

Miscellaneous on the publication and date.
There is talk that it could be
from Jackie or FAB magazines
or something along those type of publications.

What I'm really interested in
is if anyone has ever tried this sandwich?

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1993, august, ADWEEK, Fisher Audio AD

1993, August
ADWEEK Magazine

Fisher Audio's Studio 24 AD

Cropped version from ADWEEK Magazine

Full Page
ADWEEK is a publication dedicated to Advertiser and Graphic Designers.
This issue was in ADWEEK 
August 2, 1993
Pg 24

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1991, sept, Music Collector, "Hard Hearted Alice"

1991, Sept., 
Music Collector Magazine
"Hard Hearted Alice"

Pg 35

Pg 36

Pg 37

Pg 38

Pg 39

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1991, august, VOX Magazine, Stoopid Coopid

I found this oversized article
folded up in my binder.

1991, august, VOX Magazine, "Stoopid Coopid"

Content page cropped

The photo below is from 1977 snake auditions
for The King of The Silver Screen Tour.
If you go back to October 11, 2012 post
I have the CIRCUS article.

Photo above looks familiar it is from Raise Your Fist & Yell tour 1987
Also Alice was interviewed on this stage set during 
"Decline of The Western Civilization: The Metal Years"
that came out in 1988.

VOX, Full layout

Pg 30

Pg 31

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1991, SUN, "Love's A Loaded Gun" single

(handwritten on the back 91-4-10)
Did some research and see that the single came 
out in the UK in September.


New single "Love's A Loaded Gun"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

1991(?), VROOM, "Welcome To My Nightmare" Lithograph

I believe this came out in '91 since it was in
my binder between the 1991 article clippings.
I did check out the website that is next to the folio
and it now appears to be Future Media Architects.
But I can possibly gather that I picked up this brochure up at an art exhibit.
Pretty sure the price went up since this time.

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1991, misc. Full page image of Alice Cooper and Joe Satriani

from a miscellaneous magazine
section titled "Pot Shots"
Full page image of Alice Cooper and Joe Satriana
during Alice's "Hey Stoopid" Tour

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1991, misc issue, Final Nightmare

miscellaneous issue
article titled "Final Nightmare"

Alice talks about being in the
 "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" movie

This promo photo is Alice w/ Rob Halford of Judas Priest
for Operation Rock N Roll Tour.

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