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EvenSpot Speaks "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!" Review

EvenSpot Speaks official review of Dennis Dunaway's book.
I'm pretty sure everyone read it by now and those sitting on the fence 
I recommend it.

"Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!
My Adventure in The Alice Cooper Group"
by Dennis Dunaway and Chris Hodenfield

While reading this book it felt like I was there w/ the band. Dennis tells a nostalgic story I could picture this in my head and think this could be one helluva James Cameron movie.
The silent member of the Alice Cooper Group finally speaks out. Bass player Dennis Dunaway and one of the creator’s of the Alice Cooper monster tells his story. Starting from the ground floor Dennis and Vincent (pre-Alice Cooper) meet in high school. What I like about this book Dennis doesn’t go far back on his youth as to where he was born and giving us family stories of growing up. He does cover some history of youth in a few lines here and there. Dennis jumps right in at high school sharing his experiences w/ classmate Vincent Furnier.
Dennis always the gentlemen taking the high road. I give him credit for being so forgiving as to starting a band and watching it taken out of his grasp. Dennis known for his precise memory straighten out a number of stories that have been floating around for years such as Cindy introduced Shep Gordon and Joe Greenberg not Jimi Hendrix to manage Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper always had chickens on stage.  I did enjoy the book but wished Dennis talked a bit more on certain subjects like what happen in London during that all star studio sessions w/ Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan, Donavan. Or the making and demise of Battle Axe. I think there was a lot more stories to be told. Also this was somewhat a love story as well. Dennis meeting his future wife Cindy and the fumbling times he made a couple of 1st bad impressions that I found very funny. But Dennis always leaving compliments on his wife through out this book and shows his love for her. Dennis also talks about Cindy who created the costumes and was somewhat like a den mother looking after and listening to each members problems. I think Cindy should put out a book of her experiences touring w/ the band. An interesting chapter near the end on Glen Buxton's life after the group split a very sad story. I never really heard that much information. It was good to hear them meeting up for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame as Dennis says it's like we just picked up where we left off. That really shows a strong friendship. Great book that’s interesting, funny and sad stories on the ups and downs of a Rock n' Roll career. Now that we heard from three original members drummer Neal Smith is working on his story.

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Happy July 4th

Have a Happy July 4th

You have to play "I Love America" by Alice Cooper on July 4th.
Here's a great video put together by Ricky Cooper on YouTube.

"I Love America" - Alice Cooper