Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strange Case of Alice Cooper DVD

Finally after 30 years "Strange Case of Alice Cooper" is released on DVD. 
I have a VHS bootleg that was transfered from a PAL version. So it was a pleasure to have a clean copy. There wasn't much of a change from the original. Only thing I notice is during the encore of "School's Out" the original was over 15 minutes long w/ Alice introducing the band and each member does a solo. This version seems to be shorter. It really doesn't matter to me since it didn't pertain to Alice. 

There is an audio that traveled among fans that includes "Dead Babies" and unreleased "All Strapped Up". Although "All Strapped Up" was performed on tape while Alice was being strapped down but it is a rare song that isn't released so far.
Also "
Nurse Rozetta" wasn't the complete song. This even goes for the original '79 version. They seemed to shorten the song. I know on the audio bootleg it is complete. That song has many clever lyrics that I enjoyed. If Alice's assistant (the late) Brian Nelson was still around I think he would included some of the extras we were looking for. Brian was one of Alice's biggest fans and he did a superb job on The Life And Crimes of Alice Cooper Box Set. 

No one at
Shout Factory hasn't pursued any extras. This includes the running commentary by Alice which wasn't that informative. I liked the commentary Alice and Brian Nelson covered on the Rhino "Welcome To My Nightmare" DVD. Alice had no one to play off of during the viewing. A little banter would of been nice. He really didn't say much. But how many times will you watch it  w/ the commentary. Besides that it was a good concert and Alice covers about 7 songs from From The Inside album. I think Brutal Planet Tour was the last time Alice did at least half the album. Lately during his concerts Alice only covers one song from his new releases.

The band includes
Steve Hunter and Davey Johnstone - guitar, Parkish John - bass,
Whitey Glan - drums, Fred Mandel - keyboards