Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hollywood Vampires at Lisbon, Portugal, May 27th on LivexLive

If you were able to catch The Hollywood Vampires perform live at Lisbon, Portugal
last night on they put on an amazing show.
The concert scheduled for 6:30pm ET time but started at 7:17pm ET.
First off a short interview by LivexLive w/ Matt Sorum talked about 5 minutes or so. Then interviewed people at the concert asking them where they come from and what bands they plan on seeing tonight. Looks like most of the crowd of girls were waiting to see Johnny Depp.

The Hollywood Vampires performing on stage were
Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, Matt Sorum, Robert Deleo, Tommy Henriksen, 
and Bruce Witkin.

Some new covers included in the show from David Bowie, "Rebel Rebel" and "Suffragette City", Lemmy's "Ace of Spades", The Who "PinBall Wizard", Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion" also Joe Perry sings lead on "Stop Messin' Around" an old Fleetwood Mac song that Aerosmith covers in their
"Tonkin' On Bobo" album. 

Also Bruce Witkin sings lead on "Whole Lotta Love" along w/ Matt Sorum and Alice Cooper. 
Joe Perry smashes his guitar during The Who's "My Generation"

The setlist

Intro Christopher Lee
Let’s Raise The Dead
I Got A Line On You
20th Century Boy
Pinball Wizard
My Generation
Manic Depression
Cold Turkey
Come Together
Seven And Seven Is
*Whole Lotta Love - Bruce Within sings lead w/ Matt Sorum & Alice Cooper
Five To One/Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Rebel Rebel
Suffragette City
As Bad As I Am
*Stop Messin’ Around (Fleetwood Mac) - on Aerosmith, "Honkin’ On Bobo" 
album - Joe Perry lead vocals
My Dead Drunk Friends
Ace Of Spades
I’m Eighteen
Sweet Emotion

encore: Train Kept A Rollin’
School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall part 2

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ultimate Classic Rock Ranks Alice Cooper Albums from Worst to Best

Ultimate Classic Rock has put out a Worst to Best of Alice Cooper 27 albums.
Something I have been working on for sometime and haven't posted my list as of yet.
Have to say it's a pretty decent rating and of course I don't agree fully w/
Classic Rock choices but they give some good points on each album.
Much better and more professional than those guys at Cobrasfire who did a terrible job on rating Alice Cooper albums.
I couldn't even finish listening to them. A number of reasons I didn't like them was one guy said 
"I heard of Alice Cooper through my Twisted Sister album" OK so I'm not saying you have to grow up w/ a band you like to know them but have some knowledge on original band members. They probably think's Neal Smith plays in Ratt. The only person who made sense was the guest from Decibel Geek who spoke his opinion on the DaDa album and who did an excellent interview w/ Dick Wagner on the making of DaDa (I highly recommend listening to it here) and finally the last straw was when they said "I don't even place 'Along Came A Spider' in my Alice Cooper collection" they better stick to talking about Twisted Sister or Poison bands they grew up on. It pissed me off so much  deleted them off my bookmark.

Now back to a much better review of Alice Cooper 27 albums by Ultimate Classic Rock

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Original Alice Cooper Band Members Reunite For ‘Killer’ New Album

Read more at 100.7 WZLX

Alice revealed that he’d been writing songs with some familiar old friends. “[Drummer] Neal [Smith] and [guitarist] Mike [Bruce] and I just wrote two or three songs,” he said about his old Alice Cooper Band mates. “[Bassist] Dennis [Dunaway] and I wrote some songs together,” he added.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

April/May 2016, AARP, Where Are They Now?

I believe this may be the first time AARP ever printed anything on Alice Cooper
They place Alice in the "Where Are They Now?" section that is if you are connected 
to any print or internet media you would know Alice hasn't been missing from the spotlight. 
You think w/ his rep they would of mentioned him back when he turned 50. 
But like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame AARP comes a day late and a dollar short.

April/May 2016, AARP
 Where Are They Now?
Pg 10