Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Duper Alice Cooper Premiere

Tonight the premiere of Super Duper Alice Cooper.
Did anyone notice the similar title to Supermench
the Shep Gordon documentary.
I believe Supermench was announced before Super Duper Alice Cooper.

This should be a good show. I didn't want to read any reviews before I see
it for myself. I did see the Q&A but they didn't give away much
of the story. Only thing I know is it ends in the 80's when Alice officially
quit alcohol and Alice finally tells us of his drug addiction that kept hiding
away from the public. Also Michael Bruce the only original band member that doesn't 
appear in the interviews. Alice was asked and his reply was they couldn't pin Bruce down. 
You can take it for what it means. The director also mentions there are no "talking heads"
which means no visual of the person being interviewed that to me
means more rare footage and photos...I hope.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alice Cooper and Eddie Haskell

I just had to do a comparison of Alice Cooper and Eddie Haskell.
I remember hearing this story back in the 70's.
Ken Osmond was a child actor on "Leave It To Beaver"
playing Eddie Haskell a friend of Wally who is Beaver's older brother.
Haskell was a very sneaky character who would try to get his friends in trouble.
He would flatter the adults but most of the time they were never fooled by his
thin veil of sweet talk. 
Alice talked about this in the Urban Legend book and magazine interviews
saying he thinks this came up when he said Alice Cooper is like Eddie Haskell.
Of course in time rumors spread and people misquoted the article
that later came out as Alice Cooper was Eddie Haskell.

So I had to compare the years of Alice and Ken Osmond.
It's interesting to point out that Ken Osmond later became a Los Angeles Police Officer
who has retired from the force in 1988.

Monday, April 28, 2014

1974, summer, Song Hits Yearbook

1974, Summer

Song Hits Yearbook
Collector's Edition


Pg 16

Pg 17

Pg 12

Pg 18

Back Cover
advertising Hit Parader back copies
Alice Cooper on the cover of July 73 issue.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

2008, sept, Rue Morgue, Return of The Spider

September 2008

Rue Morgue

This is an excellent interview w/ Alice on Along Came A Spider
concept album that I believe should of been a full blown tour
dedicated to that release just like 
Welcome To My Nightmare Tour 1975

Along Came A Spider has great artwork by Piggy D on it's CD, Vinyl,
promotions and this article as well.


Pg 6, Editor's page

Pg 16 - 19

Pg 22

Pg 20 - 21

This section interrupts the interview pages 
at the end of pg 19. So I placed it at the end.
This section talks about some of the characters
Alice created like Steven, Maurice Escargot,
Former Lee Warmer. I didn't know Alice's New Wave
character was called Field Marshall Cooper.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

2002, Urban Legends of Rock & Roll by Dale Sherman

2002 (paperback)
Urban Legend of Rock & Roll
You Never Can Tell
by Dale Sherman

This is a thin book of 172 pages.
Dale Sherman must have collected a lot of material when working on
at least 2 KISS books at this time and the latest Alice Cooper book
that I previously posted a few days ago.
This book covers plenty of musicians from 10CC to Zappa

This isn't any real shocking stories.
Matter of fact it's interesting how Alice Cooper rumors have been
repeated in the Marilyn Manson. It's funny that 
even Manson's rumors are not even original.

I remember not believing these rumors the first time I heard them.

Alice Cooper section is about 8 pages long that includes a few black & white photos. 

The middle of the book includes 
6 colorful pages with one full page photo of Alice Cooper.


Back Cover

3 black & white images in
the Alice Cooper section

One full color page of Alice Cooper

The Alice Cooper rumors are
1. The gross-out contest with Frank Zappa in the early 1970's
2. Alice stomped on baby chicks and killed puppy dogs on stage.
3. Alice got his name from an Ouija board and later found out 
it was a name of a witch who was burned at the stake in the 17th Century.
4. Alice played Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver."
5. Had large balloons filled with maggots go out over the crowd
and then had the balloon explode covering the audience.
6. Alice was a son of a Mormon Bishop who quit the church.
7. An old women died sitting next to Alice on a plane.

Only two are some what true.
The Ouija board did spell out Alice Cooper
Neal Smith recently confirmed this in an interview.
Alice denies it but I think cause of his born again faith that
any type of pagan rituals are frowned upon.
Of course this happened way before he changed his religious beliefs.

The last one of the old women dying on the plane.
Alice was visiting England for a press junket.
Alice and the elderly women talked and played some cards
as she later decided to take a nap. 
When the plane landed she never woke up.
Since Alice was sitting next to her and the last to speak to her
he had to stay behind and answer any questions by the airport and police authorities.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

2003, oct, Classic Rock, 2013, Classic Rock, Free '15 Years of Dirty Deeds', Pamela Des Barres

These 2 issues are about former GTOs Pamela Des Barres
and author of "I'm With The Band"

October 2003

Classic Rock #58

Pg 43
Full page photo
This article Pamela talks about her book
"I'm With The Band" and covers on a few subjects
although this article includes a full page photo
of Alice and Pamela she doesn't mention Alice Cooper
but he is included in her book.

Back Cover AD

Classic Rock #193
a FREE thin paperback book titled
15 Years of Dirty Deeds
1998 - 2013
10 Classic Rock Stories From
Classic Rock Back Pages

This following story was from
June 2007, Classic Rock #106
Famous groupie Pamela Des Barres talks about
some of the Rockstars she (ahem) met.
Not all were sexual experiences.

Pg 21 - 22

Alice was Miss Christine’s boyfriend. She was one of the GTOs. They really
copied us. Alice Cooper copied us a lot. We dressed them quite a bit. She
did all his make-up and everything. He was just this sweet guy Vince from
Arizona and I guess later on he became a drug addict and alcoholic. I didn’t
know him then. He did not smoke, drink take drugs, nothing. The whole
band was like that. He was just a friendly, doll of a guy. He went through a 
stage when he was hanging out with Keith Moon when he went pretty wild
I think. He now golfs.

2003, feb, nov, Classic Rock

February 2003

Classic Rock #50

Classic Rock had a feature on Twisted Sister which they interview 
Dee Snider and Jay Jay French.
There is a picture of Alice Cooper with Dee Snider and Dee talks 
a bit about Alice Cooper on 'Be Chrool To Your Scuel.'

Pg 47

A psyched-up appearance at 1983’s Castle Donington midway up a bill that
also featured Diamond Head, Dio, ZZ Top, MeatLoaf and headliners Whitesnake
saw Twisted clawing back some rock credibility. with those who hadn’t
experienced Snider’s confrontation with the previous year’s Reading crowd being
hooked by the same tactic. When the band returned to Britain to promote the
following year’s ‘Stay Hungry’ album, they were headlining London’s
Hammersmith Odeon. However, noses had been put out of joint by Snider’s
appearance on the sleeve, gnawing at an enomious bone - all alone.

“It caused problems,” the singer confirms. “I’d taken my cue from Alice Cooper
- if they [the other TS members] ran around. I ran around more. But in my
defence, you’d get to a place like Salt Lake City and people would wanna know
‘Who is this guy?’ The guys were solid musicians, but none of them were Eddie
Van Halen, and I was the creative force. lay Jay even accused me of calling every
magazine in the world and telling them to print pictures of me, not the band.
I looked at him in disbelief, I couldn’t have done that if I’d wanted to.”

Nevertheless, America had quickly fallen under Twisted Sister’s  spell. ‘Stay
Hungry’ alone has now sold more than three million copies. The band’s colorful
videos were all over MTV, and saturation point was in danger of being reached.

In 1985, when Snider appeared alongside Frank Zappa before a Senate committee 
to battle censorship group the Parents Music Resource Centre, his fame peaked. 
The backlash that followed was merciless. ‘Be Chrool To Your Scuel’, the opening
track of that year’s Dieter Dierks (Scorpions)-produced ‘Come Out And Play’ not
 only featured Billy Joel on piano, Clarence Clemons (from Springsteen’s band) on
saxophone and former Stray Cats guitarist Brian Setzer, but everyone was most
thrilled when Alice Cooper dropped by to sing backing vocals.

November 2003

Classic Rock #59

In this issue 2 articles on Alice Cooper

Pg 8
What If?

Pg 93
The Eyes of Alice Cooper review

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1999, 2009, The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Alice Cooper by Dale Sherman

1999, (paperback)
The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Alice Cooper 
by Dale Sherman

Dale Sherman wrote a number of books on KISS.
This time Dale tackles Alice Cooper and I have to say he does
a pretty good job. I know I heard some complain and yes there are
some mistakes such wrong concert dates and places but I don't think
anyone could pull all this information and get everything completely correct.
It's easy to be a monday morning quarterback but I give Dale Sherman
a job well done. Dale covers everything Alice Cooper related from singles and albums 
to import versions. Concert dates, who played on that tour, the set list.
Dale even gives some info on the making of the albums such as 
"Muscle Of Love" at one point was going to be called "A Kiss And A Fist."
Sherman talks of song titles that didn't make it to the albums. 
Also covers movies and TV shows Alice Cooper performed or acted on.

I remember when Dale Sherman started this book he contacted the SickThings chat group
and many people sent in images of rare items that was used in the book.

The only problem I have with the book is the binding. It was glued and after one
reading some of the pages started to fall out. I ended up buying another one.
This book was about 300 pages with plenty of black and white photos.
The center of the book had 16 pages of color photos.
1999 book covers up to "A Fistful of Alice Cooper" release and 1998 Tour dates.

In 2009 Dale Sherman put out a 10th Anniversary Edition
This was 475 pages and goes up to 2008 "Along Came A Spider" release.

The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Alice Cooper 
by Dale Sherman


Back Cover

here's a sample of one of the pages

Here are the following 16 color pages

2009, (paperback)
10th Anniversary Edition
The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Alice Cooper 
by Dale Sherman

This was 475 pages as much thicker book
that goes up to 2008 "Along Came A Spider" release.

This version included just black & white images that
consist of 45s, Album, CD and DVD covers.

Both books helped me out a lot when I was organizing my
Alice Cooper collection. 
I salute Dale Sherman for taking on such a big project.


Back Cover