Friday, November 30, 2012

1973, Billion Dollar Babies Songbook (1 of 4)

1973, Billion Dollar Babies Songbook
8.5x11 inches
Cover isn't embossed like the album art.

Inside cover looks like the inside of Billion Dollar Babies album
Only these photos are not perforated like the album.

Pg 1
This photo is also on the record sleeve of the album.
Also they later used Alice's face cropped for his
"Alice Cooper Goes To Hell" cover art.

Pg 2
These photos were printed as a doutone w/ a green tint.
This songbook has a lot of copy and photos.

Pg 3

Pg 4

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2000, Brutal Planet Sticker

I purchased a few of these stickers at the Brutal Planet Tour.
I soon found out this isn't good for being a bumper sticker.
It was about a month when it started to fade then turned into a white square.
I notice it didn't have a finish like other bumper stickers so I figure this is only good
for in door use.

3.5 x 3.5 inches, Brutal Planet Sticker
which is just like the Brutal Planet CD cover.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2002, MiniMates

Art Asylum was best known for a running series of characters from Marvel Comics. 
They also create from Movies, TV and Video Games. Such as Bruce Lee, Rocky, Star Wars, etc...
Art Asylum even started doing Rock Stars like Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Eddie from Iron Maiden, and Kiss. Art Asylum picked a character and would create a number of series of just that one character.

Alice Cooper MiniMates was suppose to be a series of 3 taken from his albums.
First the Constrictor which was released then other 2 that were never released Brutal Planet
and Fistful of Alice.
These items are about 3 inches high.

For some reason in 2007 Diamond Select took over the products. From what I've seen it looks as they dropped the RockStar series.

Constrictor sealed package.

Side view of Constrictor packaging.
I liked the package design and the graphics.
The Alice Minimate face floating around
and bones frame the item.

Back view of Constrictor packaging
In 2002 it was priced at $5.99
Now I have seen this on Amazon for $99 

bottom of Constrictor packaging

No I didn't take it out of the box. 
I found a site that shows you what
Constrictor looks unsealed.
Has ALICE down the leg
It includes a sword.

This is a Prototype of Fistful of Alice that was never released.
This looks pretty cool.

Brutal Planet was another one that wasn't released.
I don't know if they came out w/ a prototype like
Fistful of Alice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon, (6 of 6)

The final Part 6 of Glass Onyon material that I received that had all these pages
stapled together as one big booklet. This sort of reminds me of those fanzines like
Bloody Rag which I did enjoy reading. I know the internet did away w/ a number of them.
The fanzines were fun to read while not in front of your computer or carrying an expensive
hi tech devices on public transportation.

This section includes a '77 Circus article on Billion Dollar Babies, MOJO review on
Michael Bruce's book "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
and Glass Onyon Distribution page.

1977 Circus article on Billion Dollar Babies

MOJO review on 
Michael Bruce's book "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
I don't have a date of this issue but safe to say it
came out during the book release in 1996.

Glass Onyon Distribution
btw I did get the '96 interviews of Bruce and Smith
The address to Glass Onyon has changed but
some of these items are still available at 

Monday, November 26, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon, (5 of 6)

Part 5 collection of reviews and articles on Michael Bruce, Ant-Bee,
and from Q Magazine "Where Are They Now?" article.

Photocopy of 1977 Billion Dollar Babies

Cropped article from Extreme issue

Full page of the above Extreme issue

Cropped article from The Beat, October 1996

Full page of above The Beat, October 1996

Collection of articles photocopied on one page

Q Magazine, Pg 64 "Where Are They Now?", January 1997

Sunday, November 25, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon (4 of 6)

Part 4 includes a photocopy of North Carolina's The Beat publication from January 1996.

Interview w/ Michael Bruce on his reformed band 
Billion Dollar Babies w/ new members

(is it me or does Michael Bruce's brother Paul 
look like Bruce Kulick?)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon (3 of 6)

Part 3 includes photocopies on Press Release of Lunar Muzik,
a section titled News Of The Bizarre and a Michael Bruce Bio.

Friday, November 23, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon (2 of 6)

Part 2 section is photocopy collection of reviews and articles.
Some I cropped so it may be easier to read.

This page is a collection of reviews from different publications.

ANT-BEE - "Lunar Muzik/Child of The Moon" EP review

Cropped version of above review

Review of Michael Bruce "No More Mr. Nice Guy" book

Cropped version of book review

Photocopy from ROCK publication
September 1977
An interview The Billion Dollar Babies band.
I have this issue of ROCK. I'll post cleaner version
in the future.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon, (1 of 6 parts)

I don't actually remember how I got this package in the mail. It did have the Glass Onyon address on the large manila envelope. Glass Onyon address has changed since then but if you want any info you go to Ant-Bee's website at or click here.

This could of came during my order of Ant-Bee "Lunar-Muzik" CD which was Billy James band w/ guest Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, and Glen Buxton. Also the CD included members of Mothers Of Invention and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band among other guests from the 60's & 70's. Billy James also assisted Michael Bruce on his book "No More Mr. Nice Guy".

So back in '97 I received this thick stapled pages of photocopies of order forms to articles
from past publications.

I separated this in 6 sections so here is 1 of 6.

On #16) Michael Bruce - Rarities 
I don't believe this ever came out.
At least not to my knowledge.

Some of these orders are still available
you can go to
check out "Order" section.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1989, Trash Tour Book

1989, Trash Tour was a great show and I liked Alice's backing band at this time. Now I wasn't a great fan of the album and producer Desmond Child. I thought it was too commercial and Alice's vocals was forced. But seeing him live Alice sings it his way and the songs are much better live than on the album.

There are 2 versions of this Trash Tour Book and it pertains to the drummer. Jonathan Mover is the drummer that was on tour when I seen them. Eric Singer was drummer on the the tour when he wasn't touring w/ KISS.

The book has plenty of good photos and graphics I thought were good. From a Graphic Designer's
point of view the only problem is some of the copy is printed on the background graphics or photos. That is hard to read especially the red copy over the red image of the snake. Also the yellow copy over a light background was hard to read.

1989 Trash Tour Book Cover
9.75x13.5 inches

Inside Cover and page 1

Pg 2 and Pg 3

Pg 4 and Pg 5

Pg 6 and Pg 7
A few older pics from past shows
Pg 6, the 1st & 3rd photos are 
from The Nightmare Returns Tour 1986-87
Pg 7, the 1st photo from Welcome To My Nightmare 1975
2nd photo from Mad House Rock Tour 1979
Difference from '79 & '87 is the vest. 
Both has "Alice" spelled on the leg but vest is different.
Both pages are hard to read the yellow copy over the background image

Pg 8 and Pg 9

Pg 10 and Pg 11
Pg 11, photo from The Nightmare Returns Tour 1986-87

Pg 12 and Pg 13

Pg 14 and Pg 15
On pg 14 the copy over the snake is hard to read

Pg 16 and Pg 17
Pg 16, Drummer Jonathan Mover 
at bottom left

Pg 18 and Pg 19
Pg 18, 1st photo The Nightmare TV Show 1975
2nd photo from The Nightmare Returns Tour 1986-87

Pg 20 and Inside Back Cover

Back Cover