Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016, Sunday Boston Herald, Hollywood Vampires Biographic

Finally in this Sunday Boston Herald paper. Yes! I still go out
to purchase the Sunday paper. It's the only time I buy print.
There is a section in the comics titled Biographic by illustrator Steve McGarry.
Each week he focuses on musicians, movie stars or sport figures. This is the
closest we get to see something on Alice Cooper but it's only because 
of The Hollywood Vampires. I think if Johnny Depp wasn't involved I would be still 
waiting for an Alice Cooper Biographic who should be spotlighted years ago.
I've seen Biographic's on Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bowie, Green Day, Beiber, Kesha!!! 
Come on no Alice!
Anyway here it is The Hollywood Vampires

2016, Sunday Boston Herald, Biographic by Steve McGarry

If you go to Steve McGarry webpage
he condenses this comic strip shown below
Also you can view his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016, HEAVY DEMONS RADIO SHOW interviews Alice Cooper

This Italian radio show interviews Alice Cooper and talks about
him making new music w/ his original band. Plus other news like new bands, movies, touring etc...