Friday, January 31, 2014

1973, may, CIRCUS, Alice Tours With Monster Tooth

May 1973


Pg. 3, Content

Pg. 10, Letters

Pg. 12, National Scenes

Pg. 13

Pg. 14

Pg. 16

Pg. 20
One thing about the 70's was poor page layouts
They post Alice's photo on pg 20 but his review
is on pg 22. But it's fun to read old reviews so
I included the whole page

Pg. 22
Billion Dollar Babies review
this review made me search youtube for 
The Hollies "Tell Me To My Face"
and you can hear where they got it

Pg. 62, Top 20

Pg. 64

Pg. 65

Pg. 66

Thursday, January 30, 2014

1973, feb, CIRCUS, "Hurricane Alice Takes Europe By Storm"

February 1973


Pg. 10, Letters
2 letters about Alice Cooper

the first letter talks about Alice's stomach scar in which Alice
told the press it was from a shark bite. Originally this was from peritonitis 
Alice had as a child. He told the shark story to give it a more exciting tale.
Although the peritonitis was very serious Alice called it a miracle he survived.

Pg. 32

Pg. 33

Pg. 34

Pg. 35

Pg. 52, Top 20

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1972, oct, CIRCUS, "Alice Plans A Broadway Surprise"

October 1972


Pg. 3, Content
Alice is the 1st photo in the 2nd row

Pg. 36

Pg. 37

Pg. 38

Pg. 39

Pg. 40

Pg. 41

Pg. 48
#1 School's Out

Pg. 62
School's Out review
the heart icon means "Love It"
which is the highest rating

Monday, January 27, 2014

1972, aug, CIRCUS, Behind "School's Out"

August 1972



Inside cover

Pg. 14, National Scenes
tour dates

Pg. 16

I always love the photos from the original band years

Pg. 58

Pg. 59

Pg. 60

Pg. 61

Pg. 62

Pg. 63

Sunday, January 26, 2014

1972, feb, CIRCUS, What Makes Alice Run

February 1972

CIRCUS cover

Pg. 25, Full Page

Pg. 26

Pg. 52

Pg. 60

Pg. 61


Pg. 62

Pg. 63

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1976, Me, Alice, as told to Steven Gaines - hardcover book

Around '97 I purchased this book on eBay for about $60

I actually had a chance to get it for free.
Prior to eBay I went to the public library to check it out but 
someone never returned it. The library also has a copy
of books you can read but can't take out. Knowing it would take a few days
to read it will cost me money going back forth on public transportation.
Plus I didn't want to deal with the drunks and drug addicts nodding off
at the same table while I was reading. 

So I asked a friend who works at the public library if he could track it down.
It was in another branch of town so it took him about a week or two. 
Once he found it I was able to read it in the comfort of my home.
I gave it back when he told me to keep it. I replied I can't do that I wouldn't be 
able to live w/ myself. Plus I wouldn't want to deprive some young mind
on trying to educate themselves on Alice Cooper.

So the one I found on eBay was passed down at least twice.
First was in 1976 to a guy named Rob given to him by Dee
this was written in the book.
The other was from the seller Desira from eBay. It was signed by Alice.
I think her name reads "Desira" signed "your pal Alice '97"

It's in hardcover and I don't think this ever came out in paperback.
I think now it would be easy to put out on Kindle.
You don't have to worry about print, paper and shipping.
Well I can't give you the text but I can show the photos that appear in the book.

"Me, Alice"
The Autobiography of ALICE COOPER
as told to STEVEN GAINES

Steven Gaines was the editor-in-chief of CIRCUS magazine
and wrote for the New York Daily News, music section.
Steve appeared in many periodicals including Playboy and Esquire.

Back Cover

Spine without the dust jacket

Inside cover and following page

Pg. 2 - 3

Pg. 5
Dedication page 
which I thought was very funny

Pg. 135 

Pg. 136 - 137

Pg. 138 - 139

Pg. 140 - 141

Pg. 142 - 143

Pg. 144 - 145

Pg. 146 - 147

Pg. 148 - 149

Pg. 150