Thursday, January 31, 2013

2003, Penns Peak, bootleg

Recorded live on October 24, 2003 at Penns Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA
during "The Eyes of Alice Cooper Tour"

CD Cover
color photo printed paper stock

Back of CD jewel case

2 CDs

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1995, Alice Cooper Goes To Chile, bootleg

Actually The Monsters of Rock Tour in Santiago, Chile.
On September 7, 1995 this concert was also on Chile TV so the recording of this bootleg is very good. I also have the video to this and it's a professionally shot with all the camera angles. This concert includes some of the tunes from "The Last Temptation" album. 
One of the finest records by Alice in a long time. 

There are some mistakes as on the song titles. 
Track 5 mislabeled as "Killer" is "Desperado"
Track 9 is "Cleansed By Fire" they printed "Burn It Down"
During track 10 "Go To Hell" leads into an instrumental of "Black Widow", "Steven
and ends back with "Black Widow". 
The band is pretty good with this medley of tunes. "Elected" includes the band introductions 
as George Bush on guitar, Richard Nixon on bass, Ronald Regan on keyboards, next President Jimmy Degrasso on drums, lead guitar Bill Clinton. I think this would of gone over better in the States. 
I don't think many people in Chile know the US Presidents as much as we know their
political leaders. 
This is one of the finer bootlegs to purchase if you have a chance. 

The band:
Stef Burns and Paul Taylor - guitars, Jimmy Degrasso - drums, 
Derek Sherinian- keyboards, Greg Smith - bass
Dancer - Sheryl Cooper 

The art work on this CD is good. 
You see the use of Photoshop software.

Cover of CD

Open 4 panel CD cover

Inside 4 panel cover CD

Inside CD holder

Back of CD jewel case
Some mistakes as on the song titles. 
Track 5 mislabeled as "Killer" is "Desperado"
Track 9 is "Cleansed By Fire" they printed "Burn It Down"
Track 10 "Go To Hell" leads into an instrumental of "Black Widow," 
"Steven", and back to "Black Widow". 
 Track 2 they corrected the spelling "Hey Stoopid" to "Hey Stupid"


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1989, Waiting Till The Edge Kiss My Neck, bootleg

The title sounds like a Hot Chili Pepper line. I have no idea what this title means! 
Recorded in Birmingham, England Dec 14, 1989.
Taken from "Alice Cooper Trashes The World" video so the quality is very good. 

Not mentioned is "Ballad of Dwight Fry" which follows track 9 "Welcome To My Nightmare".

CD Cover

CD front & back cover

Back of CD jewel case

Not listed is "Ballad of Dwight Fry
which follows track 9 "Welcome To My Nightmare".


Monday, January 28, 2013

1986/75 This Sweet Sickness, bootleg cassette

This is 2 concerts from 1986 and 1975

First part is the whole concert from 1986 Manchester, England the other is about 4 songs from 1975 LA Forum in California.

They made a mistake in the editing as they list “School’s Out” being the last song from 1986 in Manchester. When the next track is “Elected” Alice says “Manchester” in the song. Also “Under My Wheels” is actually the last song from Manchester 1986.
The intro of “Welcome To My Nightmare” the MC says “your own hometown boy...” so this is the start of the 1975 LA Forum concert. It’s only the beginning of the concert. This show only covers 4 songs not counting the “Years Ago” instrumentals inbetween the songs.

The audio quality is low and I can't remember it being like that when I purchased it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1981, Trouser Press

Alice Cooper isn't mentioned much in this Trouser Press issue. Besides using Alice as the prominent figure on the cover that's pretty much it. On page 33 is a small pic of Alice
and 1 sentence on page 35.
This article is interesting as they talk about outrageous moments in rock.
I like the opening sentence "Great moments in bad taste."

October 1981Trouser Press Cover

Pg 32

Pg 33
small pic of Alice at bottom of page

Pg 34

Pg 35
bottom of 1st column in red box mention Alice Cooper

Pg 47

Saturday, January 26, 2013

1981, Rolling Stone (?) magazine

This was in Paris, France during the filming of "Alice In Paris" TV Special.

By the caption below they don't seem they supportive of Alice Cooper.

Friday, January 25, 2013

1981, Boston Herald Newspaper

Sunday, November 29, 1981 Boston Herald Newspaper
This during Alice's "Special Forces Tour".

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1980 Rock Scene (?) issue

I believe this is from Rock Scene by reviewing my past issues they both have the bold border line
and same folio font at bottom page. Also the use of the hollow square box at the end of article
that makes me believe it's from Rock Scene.
The other side of the page didn't help it was a guitar ad by Patti Smith's Lenny Kaye.

Pg 6
Alice talks about his new album "Flush The Fashion"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1980, Creem, Sept. Issue

1980, Sept., issue of CREEM
Pg 56, cropped version

1980, Sept., issue of CREEM
Pg 56, Full Page view

Monday, January 21, 2013

1982, The Coop: Model Citizen?, bootleg

1982 Glasgow concert recorded from FM radio is good quality.
During Alice's New Wave times this was Special Forces Tour of his album of
the same name. 3 songs edited out of the FM show was "Pain", "Billion Dollar Babies"
and some of "Vicious Rumours" Alice sings during the ending of "School's Out".
Band includes Mike Pinera and John Nitzinger- guitars, Wayne Cook - keyboards, 
Erik Scott - bass, Jan Uvena - drums.

They did add Rock Legends 1978 Interview/"Under My Wheels" at the end of this CD.

CD Cover
color photocopy on paper

Back of CD jewel case


Sunday, January 20, 2013

1979, Rock Scene, Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers were a brief band w/ Original Cooper members 
Drummer Neal Smith and Bass Dennis Dunaway.

The interview is w/ Neal Smith and Paul Roy.
Dennis Dunaway and David Stackman had to leave.

Rock Scene, Pg 9

Pg 64

pg 65

Saturday, January 19, 2013

1979 (?) Rock Scene Q&A section

This photo of Alice doesn't appear skinny or gaunt as he does on Madhouse Rock Tour or even his New Wave period. This Alice photo he seems to have some weight on him but the caption below reads he is "liquor free".

Friday, January 18, 2013

1979, Super Rock magazine

From Super Rock issue 1979 this article talks about Alice's Madhouse Rock Tour
that is "From The Inside" album.

Super Rock, Pg 44

Pg 45

Pg 46

Pg 47

Pg 48

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1978/1980 Live In The USA

This CD has two concerts one in Saginaw, MI 1978 and other in El Paso, TX 1980
The Saginaw is from the King Biscuit Flower Hour and The Night Of Halloween bootleg.

The El Paso concert is Alice in his New Wave period from "Flush The Fashion" tour.

Some corrections on the listings. On the Saginaw show they listed track 6 as "What We Are Is What We Are" which is really "You & Me". On the El Paso show they list last track "Wish You Where Here" and list Pink Floyd as song credit is really an instrumental of "Wish You Were Here" from "Goes To Hell" album.

I enjoyed the 
El Paso, TX concert which was "Flush The Fashion" tour. 
This was Alice's New Wave style concert. I particular liked "Pain" and "Clones" live. 
The instrumental "Wish You Were Here" was interesting although I love the lyrics in that song. 

Musicians for Saginaw: Steve Hunter and Jefferson Kewley - guitars, Dee Murray - bass, Dennis Conaway - drums, Fred Mandel - keyboards.

The El Paso, Tx concert consist of Mike Pinera and Fred Mandel - guitars, 
Duanne Hitchings - keyboard & guitar, Erik Scott - bass, Ross Salomone - drums.

Live In U.S.A. 1978/1980
Cover of CD booklet

Front & back cover of CD booklet

Inside CD booklet

Back of CD jewel case


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1978, The Night of Halloween, bootleg

Misdated this was recorded in Saginaw, MI., on May 10, 1978
Also from King Biscuit Flower Hour. Alice was doing his "School's Out Summer" tour.
The quality of this bootleg is as good as"Creatures of My Nightmare". 
Of course they have 2 songs on track 7 "Unfinished Suite" followed by "Escape" then for track 8 "I Love The Dead" which isn't listed. 

Band: Steve Hunter and Jefferson Kewley - guitars, Dee Murray - bass, 

Dennis Conaway - drums, Fred Mandel - keyboards.

The Night Of Halloween, May 10, 1978
Cover of CD booklet

Front & back cover of CD booklet

Inside CD booklet, pg 1 & 2

pg 3 & 4

pg 5 & 6

Back of CD jewel case
2 songs on track 7 "Unfinished Suite" and "Escape
track 8 "I Love The Dead" not listed