Monday, June 29, 2015

Alice Cooper Returns to Dynamite Comics this September

Dynamite Entertainment announces the upcoming September launch of Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!, a five-issue miniseries 
pitting the world-renowned rock 'n' roll icon against the comic book industry's premiere horror franchise. For more info....

Sunday, June 28, 2015

2011, Chris Sanders Knight Fury (Ken Mary) - Time To Rock

This is currently the last Ken Mary recording I have for now in my collection.
Ken appeared in a number of bands through out his career.

I came across Knight Fury from an on-line site
but can't remember where or what website.
It is an iTune download so I had to do a search
for credits since downloads almost never include any credits or liner notes.
So I made my own hard copy on CD-R and included info below.

Knight Fury reminds me of Fifth Angel or as some say Crimson Glory. 
It does have that 80's sound to it. Lizzy Borden’s Chris Sanders who formed this band is an
 exceptional guitarist. Plus you have Megadeth's bassist David Ellefson and Ken Mary on drums.
 Vocalist William King sounds a bit like Torre from Crimson Glory.

Bassist David Ellefson (MEGADETH), drummer Ken Mary (ALICE COOPER, IMPELLITTERI,
 FIFTH ANGEL) and vocalist William King are among the guest musicians who appear on 
"Time To Rock", the debut album from KNIGHT FURY, the project led by former 
LIZZY BORDEN guitarist Chris Sanders.

The Knight Fury "Time to Rock" album is available for downloading from online retailers.

2011, Chris Sanders, Knight Fury - "Time To Rock"

I don't remember if iTunes included the cover art
or I just made a copy and paste from the online page. 

Liner Notes created by EvenSpotSpeaks as Back Cover

Saturday, June 27, 2015

1995, Soul Shock Remedy (Ken Mary) - Fish Eye Lens CD

I found this CD on
Ken spells his last name 'Mari' on this CD.
Also interesting to point out that Michael Wagener mixed the recording.
Wagener mixed Alice Cooper "Constrictor" and Produced "Raise Your Fist And Yell".

Info on this CD I found on line

Soul Shock Remedy - Fish Eye Lens, 1995

LINEUP: Ken Mary - vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards * Brian Buzard - guitars, vocals * Mark Stratford - bass, 12 string guitar, keyboards, vocals * Ben Ashley - guitars, talkbox, vocals

Soul Shock Remedy was the one-off project by drum supremo Ken Mary. Having done stints with Fifth Angel,TKO, Bonfire, and House Of Lords, it was a 'bolt from the blue' that Mary (strangely named 'Mari' on the album jacket), would be up fronting this Arizona based outfit as the lead singer. The musical style of SSR was quite a departure for Ken considering his pedigree. Gone are the overblown melodic strains of yesteryear, replaced by some modern/alt rock ramblings which are suitably given a 1960's psychedelic shakedown. Though the whole thing was mixed by Michael Wagener, this is Ken's baby, as he produced and engineered the whole thing. The other significant connection to his past is the Chuck Wright designed cover.

Soul Shock Remedy - Fish Eye Lens, 1995

Cover mid panels

Back Cover

Inside CD booklet unfolded


Back CD Jewel Case

Friday, June 26, 2015

1989, 2000 reissue, Fifth Angel (Ken Mary) - Time Will Tell CD

Reissued on Metal Works Headbanger Series in 2000, "Time Will Tell" original released in 1989This is Fifth Angel's last recording w/ Ken Mary's departure from the band. Ken later joined House of The Lords, Impellitteri among others. Ken now a professional audio engineer who runs Sonic Phish Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California.
There was talk about a reunion w/ only John Macko and Ed Archer coming back. The rest of the band was filled in by other musicians who did a few live shows but no recording so far.

"Time Will Tell" youtube video bottom of page

On this re-issued CD I don't know if the vinyl included more art or copy. 

Fifth Angel "Time Will Tell"
CD Cover

Inside cover booklet

Back Cover
(same photo from back of debut CD)

Panel Cover Side

Inside panel


behind CD holder

Back CD Jewel Case

Thursday, June 25, 2015

1986, Fifth Angel debut from drummer Ken Mary CD

Besides Alice Cooper and Fifth Angel Ken played in a number of bands such as TKO, Chastain
Soul Shock Remedy, Impellitteeri and House of Lords.

With Ken K. Mary drummer for Alice during his Constrictor Tour and played on 
"Raise Your Fist & Yell" album. Fifth Angel self titled album came out in 1986 and band list 
as Ted Pilot - vocals, James Byrd - lead guitar, Ed Archer - guitar, John Macko - bass, 
Ken K. Mary - drums.
Fifth Angel has that Dio meets Judas Priest sound. It's a very good metal album as the songs are strong 
and the musical arrangements are tight. Some of my favorite tracks are "In The Fallout", 
"Call Out The Warning", "Wings Of Destiny" to name a few.

"Wings Of Destiny" I have a youtube link at bottom of page

This was a Japanese Import CD that included
a 4 panel fold-out. No bonus tracks

Fifth Angel Cover CD

Back Cover

Japanese Spine

Inside the CD came a 4 page fold-out


Back of CD Jewel Case

scan from half vinyl sleeve
other side had the lyrics

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015, Ken Mary interview on The Double Stop

When I seen Alice Cooper's "The Nightmare Returns" tour
one of the musicians that stood out for me was drummer Ken Mary.

This is a cool interview w/ Ken Mary who pretty much covers
his career and speaks about touring w/ Alice Cooper.

Ken Mary is available on Twitter
and Sonicphish Productions

Ken Mary Interview on The Double Stop with Brian Sword

The Double Stop facebook

Monday, June 22, 2015


Recently Paul Stanley of KISS mentioned he doesn’t see making a new album although Gene Simmons commented a few days later that they are working on one. But what Paul states is that they have plenty of popular songs from their past they can rotate. I have been thinking that’s what Alice has been doing for sometime. He puts out albums for his fans but tours as a “Best of” band. True he pulls out some rare numbers here & there. Of course not that rare “Halo of Flies” was good to see performed but that also was a good number to showcase the band’s solo performances while Alice changes costumes. I would enjoy Alice performing songs like “Formerly Warmer”, “Levity Ball” or “Return of The Spiders” but just me and maybe a handful of people would show our enthusiasm while others scratch their heads and go to the bathroom.

In 2000 when I seen Neil Young perform his whole new album “Silver & Gold” that same year I also seen Lou Reed perform his new release “Ecstasy” in it’s entirety. Both albums I didn’t enjoy and was bored during the concert cause it was songs I didn’t care for or even liked. Matter of fact I had traded in Lou’s “Ecstasy” for cash.
In 1986 Lou Reed did his “Mistrial” release which I still have in my collection and in 1989 “New York” release which is an excellent album I recommend. The late Lou Reed and Neil Young are one of the few musicians who plays their new releases. Bob Dylan is also another one as well. 

Now I have mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. Alice hasn’t done an album tour since “Welcome To My Nightmare” in 1975 that was 40 years ago. “Brutal Planet Tour 2001” was close including a stage theme from the album that was 14 years ago. At least Alice covered seven songs from “Brutal Planet” album which is more than any he’s done since. Every CD he put out after that was slimmer in concert. He may switch the song from that album but it’s usually only one song and the rest are songs from the past.

- Setlist: Nov. 11, 2010

The last time I seen Alice was “Bare Bones Tour” in 2003 which was as I expected a best of show. From then on I’ve follow the setlist but haven’t seen any worth attending since 2003. I get bored easy w/ the same set list after a while it’s like come on give me something to spend money on. Alice may change the stage show theatrics and musicians but the songs are the same only changing a few here and there. I know a lot people go just for the gathering like a ritual every year they dress up like it’s Halloween & have a ball. I think this is what the tour has become just come to town and play the hits.

- Setlist: Dec. 2011

“DragonTown Tour 2001-02” Alice did 5 songs from that album then setlist started to dwindle to best of tours.
“Bare Bones Tour 2003” was a best of.
“Eyes of Alice Cooper Tour 2003-04 “ Alice did 5 tracks from that album.
“Dirty Diamonds Tour 2005-06”  only 2 tracks “Dirty Diamonds” and “Woman of Mass Distraction.”
“Psycho-Drama Tour 2007” another best of.
“Along Came A Spider Tour 2008” I thought for sure this will be a full blown tour. The songs themselves I just pictured these theatrics Alice performing on stage while singing these numbers. Unfortunately the only song Alice sang was “Vengeance Is Mine” and “(In Touch with Your) Feminine Side.” The rest are 12 songs from original Alice Cooper Group and 12 from his solo career. 
“Theatre of Death Tour 2009 - 2010” best of.
“No More Mr Nice Guy Tour 2011” started in May 2011 best of.
Sept., 2011 “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” album was released. During that month “I’ll Bite Your Face Off” is the only song performed live. I think that would of been a great combo show of “Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” that would of been one helluva a concert.
2012 at Bonnaroo which is always a best of w/ bands as Alice added “Caffeine.”
“Raise The Dead Tour 2012” best of and covers tunes.

- Setlist: July 7, 2012

I would of like to see at least 4 full blown album tours “The Last Temptation”, “Brutal Planet”, “Along Came A Spider” and “Welcome 2 My Nightmare.” All great concepts that would of filled the stage w/ great theatrics. This could of broken up the best of tours.

Coming up in the Fall of 2015 will be “All My Dead Drunk Friends” release. Pretty sure this tour will be like the “Raise The Dead Tour” w/ classic hits and cover songs.

So this is the norm for Alice as he will release new albums for fans which I appreciate & will still buy while doing best of tours. I don’t see Alice doing an album tour unless by some miracle the album becomes popular like “Billion Dollar Babies” or “Welcome To My Nightmare”. 

- Setlist: Nov. 2013

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
Alice w/ wife Sheryl and 2 of their 3 kids Calico & Sonora Rose 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alice Cooper 15 CD Box Set Release on July 31

The Studio Albums 1969 - 1983
from 1969 Pretties For You to 1983 DaDa

The set is presented in a clamshell box and includes 15 albums, each one featuring the original artwork: Pretties For You (1969), Easy Action (1970), Love It To Death (1971), Killer (1971), School s Out (1972), Billion Dollar Babies (1973), Muscle Of Love (1973), Welcome To My Nightmare (1975), Alice Cooper Goes To Hell (1976), Lace And Whiskey (1977), From The Inside (1978), Flush The Fashion (1980), Special Forces (1981), Zipper Catches Skin (1982), and DaDa (1983).

I know a while back there was talk of Rhino releasing bonus tracks on each CD but this box set seems like it's just the studio albums w/ no extras.
It's good for people that need to catch up on their Alice Cooper collection.

available at

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Received Dennis Dunaway book

I went out this afternoon and when I got back I found the book in my doorway.
Since no mail is delivered on Sunday I can only assume that
it was dropped off at the wrong house maybe next door and they dropped in my
mail slot this afternoon. I usually have the same mailman but somedays
I get a fill in and this guy can't read the numbers on the door.
I remember one time my mail smelled of pot. I was looking around the
house figuring where the odor was coming from then I pick up my mail
and got a strong whiff of pot. He must of been toking on one in
the van before delivering the mail.

"Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!
My Adventure in The Alice Cooper Group"
by Dennis Dunaway and Chris Hodenfield

We all seen the cover here's the back cover and inside panel of the book.

Back Cover

Inside Front Cover Panel

Inside Back Cover Panel

1 page of 8 photo pages

All black & white photos most of them you have seen before in
print, internet and in Dennis Dunaway's interviews on line. 
This page is probably one of the rarest of the photo pages.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Out Now! Dennis Dunaway's autobiography

"Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!
My Adventure in The Alice Cooper Group"
by Dennis Dunaway and Chris Hodenfield

Release date June 9, 2015

From St. Martin's Press
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches
304 pages, Plus one 8-page
black & white photograph insert

Available through amazon US & UK

Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015, Dennis Dunaway interview on his book release in 2 more days

Only 2 more days left until the long awaited 
"Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in
The Alice Cooper Group"
by Dennis Dunaway

Recent interview w/ Dennis in azcentral

(photo manipulation by evenspotspeaks)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

more 1969 Alice Cooper photos

Here some more photos sent to me labeled as 1969
They all look familiar except for the first one.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good opportunity for a reunion tour

I don’t post many comments as you see on this blog but the following is about a what ever happened to the reunion tour?

Last February 2015 the band listings of the Rock Legends Cruise III was as followed
“The Doobie Brothers, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, 38 Special, The Marshall Tucker Band, Don Felder, WAR, Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam, Blue Oyster Cult, Uriah Heep, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Rik Emmett, The Edgar Winter Band, Ten Years After, Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown, Pat Travers Band, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Melvin Seals & JGB, The Artimus Pyle Band, Swamp Da Wamp, Steve Rodgers, The Blue Lords, Citizens Band Radio”

It reminded me of an interview a while back that Alice said he doesn’t want to become a “revival act” when asked why don’t he tour w/ his original band. But this is what Alice is doing now only w/ younger players covering half the concert w/ a set list of classic hits.
Now I'm not knocking Alice's backing band. That's one thing I like about Alice is he always has an outstanding backing band. Even in his New Wave period I loved his version of "I'm Eighteen" live. I even became a fan of Ryan Roxie ever since I seen him perform w/ Alice back in summer of the late 90's.

Besides the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame reunion show there was talk Alice was going to hit a few cities w/ the original band but that didn’t pan out for some reason. I know the band was ready but Alice continued on w/ his current band. Alice has done a number of small reunion shows like his Cooper’sTown, Christmas Pudding and the Jagermeister 4D performance. By the way I wonder why they didn’t release that on DVD. They even recorded 3 songs on his “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” CD. On "When Hell Comes Home" is a pure example of 
classic Alice Cooper sound.

Now some of the original members might not be able to do a world tour
due to health or other reasons but this cruise would of been ideal for them. No tour bus or planes, no moving from hotel to hotel. They can take family/friends w/ them on the cruise. They play a few nights, have a buffet, do some Q&A’s like they do at the New Jersey horror conventions and get to stroll back to their cabins. Plus the usual cruise passengers are older majority that grew up w/ the original band or close to it. Alice has been touring and recording so long that a lot of people didn’t even know he had an original band. Sort of like KISS many later fans grew up not knowing Ace & Peter are the original members. They may come to learn it later on as they collect the back catalog of records. 

Most of these bands touring have newer members out numbering the originals playing their classic hits. I just think this would of been ideal for the original band to do some shows w/ out the stress of travel. They could of continued the sales by recording selling a DVD / CD of the show. I’m pretty sure there will be people including myself very interested in it.

If Alice can't find a way to do a reunion tour I like to see them put out one whole album
w/ the original members.   

(photo manipulation by evenspotspeaks)