Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1996, Alice's Bloody Rag Zine #1

In late 1996 Kenny Mik a SickThing Chat Group member put out an Alice Cooper Fanzine
called Alice's Bloody Rag. I believe only 4 issues came out plus a few small mailers and
a Tribute issue to Glen Buxton.

I think it was mailed out 4 times a year at $3.50 an issue.
It was totally cool and I enjoyed flipping through the pages of each issue.
Of course it was black & white and some of the photocopies were dark or smudged but
that was the way of the fanzine. It's like reading an old comic book w/ the newsprint feel
between your fingers. I guess you have to experience it to love it.

Unfortunately I don't know the reason for the short life span of the publication.
I can understand it does take a lot of time putting one together.
Plus living in the "real time" internet age getting the news by mail makes the fanzine obsolete.
Each issue wasn't all recent news it included a lot of old articles from top known publications to local newspapers sent in by fans.
Also some concert photos and fan art work. It was a ball to read.
I don't know what became of Kenny Mik. About a year I did a search and seen him on facebook.
I didn't contact him I just came across his front page but when I recently checked I couldn't locate him.

This Premiere issue came out late '96 around Sept/Oct as you see on the 4th last page
wishing readers a Happy Halloween '96.

To really enjoy the Fanzine I suggest print out and staple the pages to get the full effect.

Monday, March 25, 2013

1973, Hello Hooray/Generation Landslide, 45rpm

1973, Hello Hooray / Generation Landslide
What is interesting is the 45 doesn't say Side 1 or Side 2

Sunday, March 24, 2013

1989, Off The Record, double vinyl

Titled OFF THE RECORD SPECIALS with Mary Turner from Westwood One
interview w/ Alice Cooper promoting his 1989 release TRASH album.
Broadcast on December 4, 1989.
This double album is one of my favorite interviews that plays a number of uninterrupted songs.

Also includes one of my favorite Alice quotes when asked about subliminal messages.
Alice says "If I was going to backward mask something for subliminal message I'd be saying 
buy another album not serve satan. Buy seven times seven"

Album cover

Inside paper list the songs and commercial ads
Also three 30 second radio spots from Geddy Lee, Tom Hamilton and Alice Cooper.

One of the four record labels

Saturday, March 23, 2013

1975 Welcome To My Nightmare, 1981 VHS Release

This 1975 Welcome To My Nightmare concert was released on VHS by Select-A-Tape in 1981.
I remember purchasing it through a British magazine. Not sure which one but best bet
it could of been Kerrang! I do know this was the first time I had to do a money exchange
from US to England currency.

Select-A-Tape is the best recording of this concert.
The latest release of VHS and DVD by Rhino have edited out scenes.
Select-A-Tape includes the whole concert.

Front Cover
Welcome To My Nightmare

Back Cover and Spine

Full Front & Back

the label came off so I taped it on just for this scan

Friday, March 22, 2013

1979, Marvel Comics, From The Inside

I remember patiently waiting for this comic book to come out. It was during the summertime and
I just finished my day at my summer job. As I went to the pay phone (this was before cell phones).
There was a window of the magazine shop right next to the pay phone. As I called my brother to pick
me up from work I can see the Alice Cooper Comic Book in the turnstile facing me.
 I made a quick call & ran into the store to purchase this book.

It was very humorous. It reminded me of the old Mad Comics w/ each panel being cluttered
w/ images. You see some Marvel guest in the background like Sub-Mariner and Hulk
Also Popeye and gang, Alley Oop and even TV show "Car 54 Where Are You?" cast.
The illustrations were very good and the story sort of goes along "From The Inside" album
w/ some minor Marvel writers taking liberties.

above page middle panel at bottom shows 2 police officers from
 TV show "Car 54 Where Are You?" that appeared on tv in 1961-1963.
Starring Fred Gwynne (pre Herman Munster) and Joe E. Ross who was known
to say "ooh, ooh" whenever nervous.
Little sidebar here is that Al Lewis (pre Grandpa from The Munsters) was also on this series.

Sub-Mariner top left corner panel

this large bottom panel on above pg 10
reminds me of the inside of From The Inside album

Alley Oop on top left panel
Popeye, Bluto/Brutus, Wimpy and Hulk on bottom right panel

Above is the making of the comic book as well at the end
asking readers should they do more stories of Alice in
the Marvel Universe.