Sunday, August 31, 2014

1998, The Faculty soundtrack, includes 2 Alice Cooper covers

1998, CD
The Faculty
Music From The Dimension Motion Picture

The Faculty was one of those teen horror movies.
It wasn't bad I put it in the same vein as Class of 1984.
The soundtrack includes 4 cover tunes. 
Two Alice Cooper songs, one Pink Floyd 
and one David Bowie.

Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall" by Layne Staley (Alice In Chains)
this may be one of Layne's last recordings from what I can tell.
Also Tom Morelio (Rage Against The Machine) on guitar.

David Bowie "Changes" by Shawn Mullen

Two Alice Cooper songs are
"I'm Eighteen" by Creed
which is a pretty good cover. I like Stapp's vocals on this song
and Creed dosen't cover it exactly as Alice Cooper they seem
to give it their own sound.

"School's Out" by Soul Asylum 
I like the music but not much into the vocals. 
I do like David Pirner vocals on his own songs
and "Grave Dancers Union" one of my favorite CDs
but I can't get into his Alice cover maybe if he did
a mellower Alice track.

Jewel Case Cover with sticker

4 Panel CD Booklet 

Inside 4 Panel CD Booklet


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

1972, reissue, Love It To Death, vinyl

After the controversial thumb cover of 1971 "Love It To Death"
WB released a reissue cover in 1972.

To tell the truth Alice's thumb was just a thumb
I didn't see anything other than what it was but since the 
whole 1969 Jim Morrison fiasco in Miami maybe WB Label
was concerned of any backlash.

I found this album at a record show in 1995.

1972 (reissue)
Love It To Death


Back Cover

Even the back was edited but I think it was constancy from the front cover
They still never correct the song listing. "Hallowed Be My Name" is
after "Is It My Body" on Side 2.

Inside Album Spread

The paper stock on the inside spread is different from the 1971 album.
In '71 the paper was a glossy magazine stock as in this reissue
'72 version is on a flat dull paper stock.

Vinyl Label Side 1

Vinyl Label Side 2

Friday, August 22, 2014

2001-02, Cinematik, Neal Smith

In 2001 and 2002 Neal Smith released two amazing CDs
from a new band called Cinematik that included Peter Catucci
and Robert Mitchell. Cinematik is a whole different direction
of Neal Smith and have to say both CDs are excellent.

2001 - Cinematik "Cinematik"
2002 - Cinematik "One Full Moon Away"

I would recommend it to all. Alice Cooper fans or not.
I think if you appreciate all types and styles of music and have an open mind
not saying if it's not sounding like "Love It To Death" or "Killer" then
it's not worth listening. Seriously what sounds like those albums anyway.
These 2 CDs shows off Neal's talent as a drummer.

In 2001 and 2002 I've purchased these CDs through Neal Smith website
and they are still available

2001 - Cinematik "Cinematik"

Debut CD from Cinematik which includes Neal Smith who collaborates with Peter Catucci 
and Robert Mitchell in this more different direction of sound. To me it's a sort of ambient 
and New Age style of music. Matter of fact this would be the type of album I think Neal would
 have put out as a solo artist for "Platinum God". It's just amazing the sounds from this album. 
I would say it's the most mature sounding recordings and artistically done. This has everything from 
African influence on "African Clay" to Native American on "Awake".

Some of my favorite tracks are "Nude Ellie", "1000 Miles Away", "Wandering Will", and "Sand Script".


Back CD Cover

Inside CD Booklet


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2002 - Cinematik "One Full Moon Away"

The second CD from Cinematik. All three are credited for the lyrics and music. Neal plays
 percussions, drums, as Peter Catucci & Robert Michell on vocals, guitars and other
 instruments. Some of the music reminds me of Peter Barden from his "Speed Of Light" album.
This whole album is wonderful to hear from start to finish. You have some vocals 
& instrumental tracks. "Incognito" reminds me of Wall Of Voodoo in the beginning. 
Some of my favorites are "Hour 28", "Unfrozen", "The Luck", "Hula Yew" 
and my top favorite "Murder In The Moon."

This CD cover Neal autograph and includes
a silver sticker on top left

Back CD Cover

Inside CD Booklet


Back of Jewel case

Available at Neal Smith website

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1985 photo, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith from


I came across this cool rare 1985 photo of Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith. 
It’s on that is from the website of writer Gail Worley who has appeared in 
a number of print and websites.

If you go to 
 she has a section on Alice Cooper and original Alice Cooper band. 
Check it out she has some good reviews and articles on them.

Posted as photo supplied by Dennis Dunaway to Gail.  Photo from 1985 of Dennis Dunaway,
 Kub Coda (Brownsville Station), Nikki Sixx , Neal Smith and Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Update on Dennis Dunaway Memoirs

Back in July there was an interview with Dennis Dunaway
on his book he has been working on.
The article informs us that Dennis signed a deal with St. Martin Press.
Interesting interview on how Dennis and his wife Cindy use to take notes
of their times on the road during the Alice Cooper days. It sounds like a real page turner.
You can read full interview at

or check out the "News" section at Dennis Dunaway site at

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Midnight Special 11 DVD Set Release Sept 8th

The Midnight Special 11 DVD Box Set

Full info and track list at

Looks like Alice Cooper appears on Disc 2
that includes 
Medley: I'm Eighteen, Only Women Bleed, Billion Dollar Babies
Inmates We're All Crazy

Bonus feature includes
Interview w/ Alice Cooper

Friday, August 15, 2014

1973, School Days, double album

I remember buying this double album in
the Newington Mall in N.H. 
It was was a record and book store back in early 80's.
This is a German Import that contains the first 2 Alice Cooper
albums "Pretties For You" and "Easy Action" that I already have
but during this time I bought anything Alice Cooper.
The corner of the LP was cut so it was a discount price that I know
but actually price escapes me.

This has a cool cover illustration of the band.
I know the images of Neal, Michael and Glen are from the record sleeve
of Billion Dollar Babies album. You know the white room w/
crying baby and rabbits as they are all dressed in white.
Dennis looks like it's from the Killer promo photo I posted
on October 21, 2012. As for Alice it looks like it's from
promo photo or some music magazine image. Not sure
but it looks familiar. The position of his head is different
from the inside the Billion Dollar Babies album.

As noted before my scanner is small so it takes 4 scans
to tile each album side.

School Days
Alice Cooper The Early Recordings


Back Cover

Inside Album

LP Sleeve
this side shows the Killer album bottom row

LP Sleeve Other Side
Love It To Death album on top row

Side 1
Pretties For You

Side 2
Pretties For You

Side 3
Easy Action

Side 4
Easy Action

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014, july, summer, Classic Rock issues

Killing some time during the summer I purchased 
2 Classic Rock issues #198 and #199.
I didn't notice at the time but found some Alice Cooper
mentions in these issues.

2014, July

Classic Rock, #198

Pg 106, Super Duper Alice Cooper DVD review

Pg 109, Super Duper Alice Cooper 
Deluxe Edition half page AD

Pg 34,  from feature on Guns n' Roses
includes an Alice Cooper mention during the summer of 1988

2014, Summer

Classic Rock, #199

Pg 55, this article was about Judas Priest
no Alice mention only this picture.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, Dennis Dunaway cameo

Available on NetFlix is an excellent documentary on artist
Drew Struzan who started out at Pacific Eye & Ear
creating album covers. Later Drew moved on to
doing movie posters. If you don't know Drew's work
just look at Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future,
The Muppet movie posters just to name a few. 
From a guy who started out struggling to finally making it.
It's a very humbling story of a great artist. It's good
to see sometimes the good guys do win in the end.

As they talk about his early career at Pacific Eye & Ear
that he created "Alice Cooper Greatest Hits" cover that
has the band as gangsters from the 1900's along with
movies stars from the the 40's and 50's.

Then again for "Welcome To My Nightmare" that
Michael J. Fox notes his first introduction to Drew Struzan
after purchasing his favorite performer Alice Cooper's album.
That same album became a billboard in Hollywood the
many performers and business men in the advertising field stop their car
and say "I want that artist".

Dennis Dunaway gives about 2 cameo segments on Drew.
I say about 2 to 3 minutes each near the beginning of the documentary.

Movie Poster

Alice Cooper Greatest Hits LP

Welcome To My Nightmare LP

Dennis Dunaway

Recent book on 
The Art of Drew Struzan

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Top 10 Dick Wagner Collaboration or Songs

To finish off my Dick Wagner Tribute I like to close with...

EvenSpotSpeaks Top 10 Dick Wagner Collaboration or Songs

10. Don’t Stop The Music - Dick Wagner, “Richard Wagner” 
This is a song I like to hear Alice cover. It almost could be 
on "Alice Cooper Goes To Hell".  

9. From The Inside - Alice Cooper “From The Inside”
This is quite hard to pick I do like the whole album and
Jackknife Johnny is another favorite but I think the title
track Wagner really rocks out on this tune.

8. Intro/Sweet Jane (Live) - Lou Reed, “Rock N Roll Animal”
Of course Wagner didn't write this tune but does an amazing live intro that he
and Steve Hunter collaborated on that is still popular on the radio.

7. In My Darkest Hour -  Dick Wagner, “Rock History”
Amazing song that I think Chris Cornell should cover. 

6. Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare”
Alice's first collaboration w/ Wagner shows the chemistry they had
and the beginning of a long friendship.

5. I Might As Well Be On Mars - Alice Cooper, “Hey Stoopid”
Wagner's 1995 comeback w/ Alice since his "From The Inside" 1978 album.
Wagner doesn't miss a beat as he creates a buzz among Alice fans. I think
all fans were hoping for a return of Wagner and Cooper.

4. Wish You Were Here - Alice Cooper “Goes To Hell”
Besides one of the best drum solos by Allan Schwartzberg at the end
this track I loved the first time I played it. 

3. I’d Take The Bullet -  Dick Wagner, “Full Meltdown”
This is an old song that Dick worked on w/ new band Meltdown
An outstanding track that is one of my favorite from Wagner.

2. I’m Eighteen (Live) - Alice Cooper, “The Alice Cooper Show”
Now Alice is know as saying this isn't his favorite album but that
is from the bad state he was in at that time. But the band is outstanding
on this album and even though Wagner didn't write this tune he and Hunter
make it their own. Outstanding guitar work if you have it I recommend going
back to it & listen to the band.

1. Pass The Gun Around - Alice Cooper, “DaDa”
I would say the whole album but if I have to narrow it down
"Pass The Gun Around" is just one of the standout tracks from
this album called "DaDa"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

1995, ROCK HITstory, Dick Wagner, CD

1995, CD


Dick Wagner

Wagner in 1995 released this collection of songs he wrote and co-wrote from his solo career as
 well as being with Alice Cooper. There's "Mystery Train" from his Early Frost album and
 "Motor City Showdown" from his self title "Richard Wagner" album. There is even the song
 "Just As I Am" Wagner wrote that was on Air Supply.

Then of course you have five songs from his collaboration with Alice. But since this is Wagner's
 album he sings vocals on these songs which are "I Might As Well Be On Mars", "How You
 Gonna See Me Now", "You And Me", "I Never Cry", and "Only Women Bleed". 
It's interesting to hear his version of the songs but have to say I'm use to Alice's vocals. 
But Wagner's guitar seems to sound much stronger on these tunes which I believe was his
 intension of doing since he is an excellent guitarist.

The artwork on the inside booklet shows some pictures of Wagner with Alice and on tour. 
There is a 1976 picture of Alice Cooper during The Welcome To My Nightmare Tour with 
the band holding a Gold Record that was presented to them in N.Y.C. The other picture show
 Wagner on stage with black top hat in the 1975 WTMN tour. Also a picture of Wagner from
 1978 King Of The Silver Screen tour which was Alice's "Lace & Whiskey" album. Then there
 are some other pictures from earlier groups and performances.
Although none from his time with Lou Reed.

CD Cover

CD Booklet opens in a 4 panel format

Inside CD Booklet 4 panel


Back of Jewel Case