Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Alice Cooper by the pool, Photographer Terry O'Neill

Here's a few photos of Alice Cooper by the pool.
Photographer Terry O'Neill dated as 1980 w/ question
but is more like 1976.


  1. Don't think these could be from 1980, Calico wasn't even born until 1981. And the only photo I've seen of Alice with a mustache was 1976. Not to mention, he was skinny in these photos but not skeletal like other photos from 1980.

    1. True Calico was born May 1981. Just going by the notes posted to me along w/ the images.
      I thought the same thing that Alice looks healthy not like his emaciated look. Thanks I'll correct it & post Alice by the pool.

  2. I'm convinced also that these are from 1976. In fact, one of these photos were published in swedish "Poster" magazine back in 1976...