Thursday, August 30, 2012

2004, Roxie 77

In 2004 Ryan Roxie released Peace, Love & Armageddon as a Signed Limited Edition CD.
Later on he would release it w/ cover art.
Ryan Roxie is one of my favorite Alice Cooper graduates.

Front and back of CD art is a photocopy signed by Roxie 77 and numbered.

When I received this CD it included 2 guitar picks

Later on Roxie 77 will release CD w/ cover art.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2001, Glamnation

Continuing w/ Ryan Roxie side projects Glamnation was a spoof British band covering Glam tunes. This CD titled Live n' Saucey Bootleg was recorded on a CD-R so no record label was involved also no artwork just a jewel case w/ a photocopy of songs recorded live in a club somewhere in L.A.
In between songs they had sampled from John Lennon's explaining to the press what he meant when  saying The Beatles were bigger than Jesus audio clip.

Glamnation consist mostly of the Alice Cooper's backing band of that time. Ryan Roxie, Eric Singer, Eric Dover, Teddy ZigZag and from Dad's Porno Mag, LA Guns Stefan Adika.

This purchase through mail included a postcard by Glamnation w/ printed text on the back 
being a personal message written home to Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1997, Dad's Porno Mag

Ryan Roxie is one of the outstanding musicians who graduated from Alice Cooper Conservatory of Music. We all know Alice spawned a number of performers who toured w/ him then went on their own such as Kane Roberts and Kip Winger to name only a few.
Ryan Roxie is a great showmen I first him in summer of '96 w/ Alice. Ryan was spinning around on stage like a madman that caught my attention.  Ryan produced a number of albums before Alice but I think his best came during and after being w/ Alice. Ryan Roxie produced a number of outstanding recordings. His very first while touring w/ Alice was Dad's Porno Mag which I think is a great CD. I purchased this by mail and received a letter, 2 guitar picks, a post note by drummer Mike Fasano.
Also the CD cover is different from the cover they released later on. Also bonus track not listed "My Bad Knee" is an excellent song.

Front cover open in trifold
Ryan filled the cover photo w/ 70's paraphernalia. Barbara Bach, Wonder Women, 
One of my favorite albums back then and still now is Boston's debut album.

Inside cover open

Letter from Ryan Roxie

2 guitar picks included

The post note that was inside my CD by Mike Fasano

Monday, August 27, 2012

1989, The Beat

The Beat was a FREE small size publication that was on counters at local record shops in Boston.

The article was about local band Unattached that supplied Desmond Child w/ a demo.
"Downtown Prayer" was the song which Desmond thought Alice should record. Of course Alice changed the lyrics and it became "Trash".  I'm not a fan of the Trash album I find it too commercial and Alice doesn't even sound like Alice. On some songs he sound's like Bon Jovi another track Guns N Roses, another track Joan Jett. "Trash", "Hell Is Living Without You" and "I'm Your Gun" are the only tracks I like on the album.

1989, TRASH Napkin

This one of the few TRASH napkins was sent as packaging of a poster
I bid on during one of Brian Nelson's auctions.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

2006, Advertisement flyers

Two advertisement flyers that came out in 2006.

6x8.25 The Beast of Alice Cooper
A greatest hits CD release

5.75x8.25 The Definitive Alice Cooper
Another greatest hits CD release

The other side of The Definitive 
8.25x5.75 Deluxe Billion Dollar Babies
The 2nd CD includes the 1973 Dallas concert and outtakes.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1987, Boston Garden

1987, Nov. 17th
This was during Raise Your Fist & Yell Tour. I took these pretty poor pics. I was seated in the upper levels of the Garden. I used my telephoto lens so you can image how far back I was located.
It was an excellent concert w/ Alice's band members Kane Roberts and one of my favorite drummer's Ken Mary. I just scanned the photos that came out somewhat clear. The rest are fuzzy and the spotlight has bleached out the images.

Opening band was Faster Pussycat. Frehleys Comet cancelled. I was bummed about not seeing Ace.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1991, Hey Stoopid flyer

1991, 6x8.25 Hey Stoopid flyer promoting October dates in the U.K. and other side the new single "Love's A Loaded Gun" a Limited Edition Format

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2000 - 01, Brutal Planet flyers

Both flyers 5.75x8.25 have the same Brutal Planet photo.

2000 July 20th, Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

May 2001 Tour in the U.K.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1986, Constrictor newspaper articles

From Boston Phoenix

1986, Nov. 13, The Boston Herald

1986, Nov. 16, The Boston Globe

1986, The Boston Globe

Nov 19, 1986 ticket
very last minute one person couldn't make it
he gave me his ticket a few days later.

Nov. 20, The Boston Herald
Concert Review

1986, Nov, The Boston Globe
Concert Review

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2000, Action Figure

A number of Alice Cooper action figures appeared around this time. From Image comic book character Spawn creator Todd McFarlane came out w/ many lines of figures from his McFarlane Toys was top of the line. Alice Cooper came w/ saber, crutch, cane, snake, top hat, spider web background w/ spiders, guillotine w/ sliding blade, severed head and basket to hold the severed head.
Also included in package was a Ad for the release of Brutal Planet.

Back of package

4x8 trifold, Assembly Instructions

Other side of Assembly Instructions

4x10, Promotion of Brutal Planet Release

 4x10, Other side of Brutal Planet Release

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2010, 5th Avenue Vampires

Well sticking w/ Dennis Dunaway I figure I would include my purchase of DD's other project
5th Avenue Vampires. This band includes Dennis Dunaway, Richie Scarlet, Russ Wilson
and Joe Von T.
Besides the debut CD they included 2 postcards, 2 plastic insect rings and a fly.

Return address label

2 plastic insect rings and a fly

Postcard playbill

Postcard signed by singer Joe Von T

Monday, August 13, 2012

2006, Chiller Theater

One weekend a co-worker was heading down to Jersey to attend the Chiller Theater and asked me if I wanted anything while they were going. I said Dennis Dunaway will be there so if you happen to be around during that time I would love an autograph. That next week she came in w/ the Dennis Dunaway Project photo signed by Dennis. Also not knowing my collection Dennis said to her "He probably doesn't have this" as he hands her BDS Live in Paris CD.
I couldn't believe Dennis was right!
I have a pretty good collection of stuff way back from Flying Tigers bootlegs to DeadRinger even The X Brothers. I was thinking this guy does have mystical powers. How does he know I didn't have this CD! It was the only one I was missing.
It is a good live recording of their BDS debut Back From Hell CD. They even cover a few BOC and Alice Cooper tunes. I do have to say I wasn't sold on Bouchard covering "Caught In A Dream" and "Under My Wheels" but I did like "Black Juju". Maybe "Black Juju" is more along the lines of a song BOC would of done. But in all it's a great CD and I actually like the songs live than from the studio recording.

2003, Outside (front & back) CD cover BDS Live In Paris

Inside CD Cover Spread

Friday, August 10, 2012

'75-76, Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles

I have clipped these articles out back during 1975, '76 coming from Boston Globe and Boston Herald American. The last article Music Makers was from East Boston Times newspaper.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1986, Kerrang! Constrictor Ad

One of my favorite magazines back in the 80's was Kerrang! Only a few record shops at that time carried it.
Here's a full page ad for Constrictor album. I believe it's from '86 since that's when the CD came out. This was another torn out page. I wish I kept my Kerrang! back issues. I do have a few that are still complete. Unfortunately I threw out more than I kept.