Saturday, January 31, 2015

This February 12th Alice Cooper on Pay Per View

Alice Cooper will be appearing on Austin City Limits on a pay-per-view event.
February 12th show will be presented via cable and streamed online. 
The concert will be at 9pm ET

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2011, 26th Annual Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, artist Marc Burckhardt

I first seen this image on the cover of
26th Annual Rock N Roll Hall of Fame booklet that was on eBay for
an outrageous amount. It included all the inductees.
The Alice Cooper piece I later came across on line.
Just an amazing piece of art.
It was done by artist Marc Burckhardt who created it in acrylic and oil on wood with tooled metal.
Doesn't give the size of the piece but it looks pretty large to me.

More on artist Marc Burckhardt

Info on this piece and more  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2008, Along Came A Spider promos

After Dirty Diamonds and The Eyes of Alice Cooper
Along Came A Spider was Alice's return to the concept album.
When I heard this CD I imagined Alice performing each song on stage.
The theatrics just jumped off in his lyrics. Unfortunately at concerts Alice just sang "Vengeance Is Mine.
Alice had that 10 minute promo video that was outstanding. He put a lot of work on this album.
The album art work was just as good as the songs. Designed by Piggy D who played
with Rob Zombie. Piggy D also created some cool promos.
These images I found on line although I wish I had them in my collection.
I do have a postcard that I posted on July 12, 2012.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

1999, We're All Clones, A Tribute To Alice Cooper, bootleg cassette

This was a collection of cover songs done by SickThings fan back in '99.
Quality varied from artist to artist.
Some actual sounded somewhat decent...well maybe after a few beers. 
Others seemed like they were created in the bedroom on their computer.

1999, bootleg cassette
We're All Clones, A Tribute To Alice Cooper
Cassette Cover

Side One

Side Two

Friday, January 16, 2015

2010, Remember The Coop!, A Tribute To Alice Cooper's Killer Classics

2010, CD
 Remember The Coop!, A Tribute To Alice Cooper's Killer Classics

Out of this double CD I seem to like disc 2 the most. Dimma and the original Cooper's Michael Bruce and Dennis Dunaway sound the best w/ some others.

Michael Bruce w/ Dimma on 2 tracks, “Under My Wheels” and “My Stars” from Iceland concert on Halloween night 2002. Dennis Dunaway w/ Dimma recorded in Iceland in 2010 w/ Dimma’s Hjalti Omar on vocals. Dennis’s daughters Chelsea and Renee do an excellent job. Both remind me a bit of Ani Defranco. Chelsea from Che Monet sings “Dead Babies” accompanied by ukulele. Renee covers “Killer,” Renee also has a band called Jetsetter. Each sister back each other on their own covers.  On “Killer” Renee also interjects “Mary Ann” lyrics. Rick Tedesco from Dennis Dunaway Project performs on “Big Apple Dreamin.” 

I notice Shawn Mars performs twice among others.  First in Mutant Monster Beach Party that covers “Is It My Body” then solo in “School’s Out.” Frankenstein 3000 performs twice first w/ Richard Barone who cover’s “Hello Hooray” and just Frankenstein 3000 on “Desperado.” Scream featuring Sim Cain on drums cover “Be My Lover.” 
Sim Cain played w/ Rollins band from ’87 – 2000. 

“Be My Lover”, “Under My Wheels” and “Desperado” are covered twice.
“Be My Lover” by Porro and The Raving Lunatics then on 2nd CD by Scream featuring Sim Cain.
“Under My Wheels” by Michael Bruce w/ Dimma and 2nd CD by Blue Fox
“Desperado” by Graveyard School and on 2nd CD by Frankenstein 3000.

Two songs by Alice Cooper’s solo career are covered. “You and Me” by Christian Beach and “Only Women Bleed” by Eye Of The Dawn.

this opens up as 3 panels

Inside page 1

page 2

page 3

Disc 2 outside panel

Back cover of outside panel

2 Discs

Photo of desert behind CD holder

Back Jewel Case

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2001, Thinking of Alice, A Tribute To Alice Cooper

2001, CD 
Thinking of Alice, A Tribute To Alice Cooper

Released in 2001 by Steve Wensil of The Dead Kings on Scat Boy Records. This tribute CD consist of mostly garage rock bands and is very raw sounding. A lot of these bands are unknown to me but maybe more popular around the North Carolina area I assume since that's where The Dead Kings are known. Also Michael Bruce guest guitarist with Antiseen's version of "Sick Things" that previously came out on Anti-Seen "Here To Ruin Your Groove" CD. 

"Levity Ball" is covered by The Frankenstein Drag Queens, who Wednesday 13's later plays in the band called The Murderdolls. 
There are quite a few good Alice Cooper covers. The only one I'm not crazy about is "I'm Eighteen" which is really a conversation between two people. As one guy is talking about Alice Cooper, the other guy is talking about professional wrestling as an instrumental of "I'm Eighteen" is being played in the background.  "Dead Babies" by Rancid Vat slags on Alice at the end which I don't really get but they do a good version of the song.

It's real interesting to hear bands cover Alice Cooper especially bands that are considered underground.

Inside the CD is a letter by original Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith.

opens up as a 4 panel piece

Page 1 and 2

Back Cover

Inside is all 4 open panels
Written by Neal Smith


Picture of Glen Buxton
behind the CD holder

Back of Jewel Case

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2002, Mutations, A Tribute To Alice Cooper

This is one of my favorite tributes to Alice Cooper. Most of these bands are Industrial or Goth.
This came out at a good time during Alice's "Brutal Planet" CD which is sort of Industrial.
You can tell a lot of these bands were influenced by Alice Cooper. What I like about this tribute is they don't sound like musicians doing impressions of Alice. Mutations is a good title for this tribute CD. These artist give their own interpetation without drawing away from the original. 

Godhead version of "Hey Stoopid" and "Poison" by Tubring sound like they could of been part 
of the "Brutal Planet" album. Chris Connelly who is also on the Welcome To Our Nightmare tribute CD does another cover "Hard Hearted Alice" which reminds me of Nick Cave.
One of my favorite cover is "Ballad Of Dwight Fry" done by Loretta's Doll. There is a funny story
 here about them. You see I knew the singer Bryin Dall from a previous band called The End. Bryin made me a copy of "Strange Case of Alice Cooper" on vhs when he was working in a video shop during his struggling years as a musician. Last time I heard from Bryin was in '85. When I played this CD I loved this band doing 'Ballad of Dwight Fry" and checked out their website that is listed in this CD and sure enough it list Bryin Dall as vocalist. As I checked out Loretta's Doll site they list as one time being 4th Sign of The Apocalypse band who is listed as covering "Dead Babies". So I am not to sure if 4th Sign... has disbanded or maybe still around w/ a different line up. 

There are two versions of "Under My Wheels" but they are so different in style you don't mind hearing
 it twice. Texylvania version sounds more like a garage band as Slick Idiot has that euro-dance mix.         

2002, Mutations, A Tribute To Alice Cooper
King of Shock Rock

Cover CD Booklet

Inside CD Booklet

Back Cover CD Booklet


Back of Jewel Case

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2005, Welcome to the Nightmare, All Star Salute To Alice Cooper

Outside label reads "Limited Edition red leather-like digipak!"
This is a re-issue of "Humanary Stew" with 3 metal bonus tracks.
"Dead Babies" by Iced Earth, "Bed of Nails" by Children of Bodom 
and "Roses on White Lace" by Icarus Witch
These three tracks are actually better than "Humanary Stew" recordings because it's the whole band.
In my opinion bands that played, recorded & toured together all the time sound better
than bands thrown together. 

2005 CD, Limited Edition red leather-like digipak!
Welcome to the Nightmare, All Star Salute To Alice Cooper


Back Cover

Outside CD label 
"Limited Edition red leather-like digipak!"

CD Booklet Cover

Inside CD Booklet

Back CD Booklet Cover


Monday, January 12, 2015

1999, Humanary Stew, A Tribute To Alice Cooper CD

An all star cast of musicians for this tribute to Alice Cooper music.

Produced by guitarist Bob Kulick who produced a number of Tribute CDs on the Dead Line Music label. Kulick put together a group of well known musicians for this Alice Cooper tribute. Artists as big as Daltrey from The Who and members from Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Guns n Roses, Megadeth, Dio, etc...

Humanary Stew a made up word taken from "The Black Widow" on Welcome To My Nightmare album.

There are some good covers done by these artist. Such as Dio covering "Welcome to My Nightmare"
which is a sped up version than the original. Vince Neil & guitarist Mick Mars of Motley Crue recording "Cold Ethyl" I find surprising since I'm not really a Motley Crue fan. I also enjoyed Twisted Sister, Dee Snider doing "Go To Hell" and to hear Sex Pistol's, Steve Jones with Guns N' Roses, Duff McKagen both singing "Elected" are wise running mates. 
Now I'm a big fan of The Who and Quadrophenia is my all time favorite album but
the only let down was Daltrey covering "No More Mr. Nice Guy" sort of reminds me of a Vegas act. It could be he's not teamed up with his partner Townshend. I notice even in Daltrey's solo albums his voice isn't the same as in The Who. To me it seemed Roger listened to Pat Boone's version of the song. Pete Townshend complements Roger's vocals and pushes him. This is not a put down to the musicians that played with Roger on this song. He has a great band with him Slash, Mike Inez, and Carmine Appice. I was surprised Slash wasn't on "Only Women Bleed" since he's known to play some of the chords during his Guns N' Roses concert days. Anyway we get to hear Slash play it on "Fistful Of Alice" live recording with Alice singing it as well.
Megadeth's Dave Mustaine who covered a number of Alice songs does "School's Out"
always enjoy listening to him. Glenn Hughes formerly of Deep Purple does a bluesy version
of "Only Women Bleed" Hughes vocals are just outstanding. There are many I haven't
mentioned but just as good. If you don't have it this is a must have just for all
the musicians that are on it.

1999, CD
Humanary Stew, A Tribute To Alice Cooper


Back Cover

Inside CD Booklet


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Sunday, January 11, 2015

1993, Welcome To Our Nightmare, A Tribute To Alice Cooper CD

Since Alice is coming out soon with is own cover album.
My guess it'll be out in the Spring or Summer.

There are a number of tribute recordings to Alice Cooper.
I have a few in my collection.

This 2 CD Alice Cooper Tribute was put out by Triple X Records in 1993, that lists 23 groups.
Some bands you may know, others are underground but all pay great homage to Alice Cooper. Each in their own style which I like rather than bands just copying exactly like the original. If that’s the case might as well play an Alice Cooper album right? Well, these bands do an excellent job and pick songs from all periods of Alice Cooper. They start off from the first Cooper album “Pretties For You” to “Trash” album.

Dramarama does a great version of “Reflected” and “Levity Ball” by Wallison Ladmok (featuring Paul Cutler and Don Bolles). I am not surprised that most of the tunes covered are from Alice’s early days especially from bands like these who are known to be more off-beat. I think that’s why I like the covers from this recordings. Also some of the bands range from garage rock, punk, and goth. Three of the major influences Alice Cooper had on these styles.
Former Revolting Cocks, Chris Connelly does a great cover of “Desperado”.
Tyla of Dogs D’Amour does an acoustic version of “Teenage Lament” which comes across just as sobering. Dutchess De Sade covers one of my favorite New Wave Alice tunes “Pain” from “Flush The Fashion” album. Vandals show their playfulness on “Poison” from the “Trash” album which is so funny as they switch to “Poison” by R&B Boy band Bel Biv Devoe that made me crack up.

The liner notes were written by Wayne Kramer of MC5, a Detroit band that toured with Alice Cooper back in the ‘70’s. Kramer does a good job in giving a little anecdote of his first meeting with the Alice Cooper Group inside page 1 of the CD booklet.

1993, Double CD 
Welcome To Our Nightmare, A Tribute To Alice Cooper


Back Cover

Inside pages 1 & 2
Page 1 Introduction by Wayne Kramer

Inside pages 3 & 4

Inside pages 5 & 6

Disc One

Disc Two

Behind Disc holder

Back of Jewel Case