Monday, September 1, 2014

2001, Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith - Back From Hell

2001 is the debut of Back From Hell from Joe Bouchard, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith.
This is the best recording this trio ever made since their alliance back in the Deadringer days
 of '89. There are quite a few good tracks on this CD. Except for the first track "I Want Two" 
yeah yeah I know what it means but it's too campy for me. Besides that the rest of the album is much better. Some of my favorite tracks are 'Vampire Night", "Diner Girl", "Carnival Toy", "She Was A Bad Girl" that starts off with a "Blue Turk" intro from "School's Out" album. Dennis Dunaway makes his first lead vocals on "The Real Thing". The musicianship on this album is great and they co-wrote all the songs except for the last track. 
 Ian Hunter also credited as co-writer on four of the tracks.

The CD came signed by all three.

It's still available at Neal Smith site

2001, CD
Back From Hell
Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith

BDS Cover

Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inside Back Cover


Back Jewel Case

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