Thursday, November 7, 2013

1996, Alice at Spooky World in Berlin, Massachusetts

1996 was my first time at Spooky World and meeting Alice.
The following was my experience that night

Well I headed on up to Spooky World w/ five people in my car. My older brother Frank, his son, my nephew
 Steven who’s cool kid about 17 yrs old and friends Billy & Brad. The ride took forever but we made it. The
 converstions in the car was completely funny. We talked from everything from X-Files to Billy doing
 his Rodney Dangerfield impressions.  We get in line around 8:15 by 9:15 we got up close. In the mean time 
I‘m still thinking of what to ask Alice but I did take a camera with me.
It's funny to point out off to the right above Alice there was a sign posted "No Photos"
but everyone who wanted a photo w/ Alice was never denied and Alice was pleasant enough
to smile for the camera.

First my nephew steps up. He said he couldn’t say anything just stood there w/ his mouth open.  
Alice said Hi & signed 2 pics one for Steven. Alice ask “Is that with a V or PH?” The other signed for 
Neil a friend who couldn’t make it so we got one for him. Steven ask for a pic w/ Alice, which I shot. 

Second, my brother Frank knowing I'm a big Alice Cooper fan said give me 2 items you want Alice to
sign for you (it was 2 signatures per person). So I gave him my WTMN & LITD albums.
When Alice seen the LITD lp he said “Wow! You pull this one out of a vacuum?”
My brother laughed and said “you better watchout for the next 3 guys”. Alice said, “Oh!

Billy was next who brought along his The Last Temptation comic book and I gave him a cool
Alice foldout poster from ROCK magazine. 
Billy said the The Last Temptation lp was great. Alice replied “Too bad it didn't do that well”
Billy asked Alice about Kane Roberts and does he see him anymore. Alice said, “As a matter of fact I just talked 
to him a few days ago. He put out a CD Rom game that should be coming out. And we have some other projects
 we are talking about working on. I’ll be calling him later this week & I’ll say you said hello." 
Billy asked for a picture w/ him so I snapped that one too.

My turn next. OK like I said my mind is cascading w/ things to ask & talk about. I walk up w/ hugh smile saying
 “Hi Alice I finally get to meet you after all these years” Alice says “OK How’s it going” I'm taking a poster that 
I bought years ago which is in a packaging tube for protection. I said “I bought this years ago it’s the very first
 Alice & very first Rockposter I ever bought.”Alice says “Ah good something different” (a lot of people had 
CD’s & LP’s) As I pull it out of the tube the poster starts to open on me & you know it’s a bitch to get out 
like that. Alice very kindly holds the tube while I roll up the poster to take out. As I was pulling it out Alice 
didn’t have to see it open just part of it when he saids “oh yeah that’s a good one that is old”

I said w/ a smile “This is the first poster I ever bought besides the  3 Stooges”Alice ask my name 
I say “Jerry” He says “Jerry w/ a G or J” I say “J please, I really appreciate this”
Alice says, “Oh no problem.  So your a Stooges fan huh?” I say “yeah”
Alice leans in and says “ You know who I think the best Stooge is? “I say “Who”
Alice replies “Lary Fine, He’s great.” I say “Yeah his facial expressions & one liners”
Alice replies “Yeah (Alice does a quote of Larry Fine as he does an impersonation of him) I cracked up. 
Alice says “You know I met Larry Fine a long time ago he was sitting at a bus stop. And I said to the guys 
Hey that’s Larry Fine. So I go up to him & say are you Larry Fine? (and Alice does another Larry Fine
 impression) Yup I’m Larry” I laugh again and say “Wow! That's funny" and “thanks" for signing the poster.  
Next I give Alice my Trash lp to sign because the album layout is good for a signature 
w/ the one side blank for writting. Alice says “So I’m on the wall next to The Stooges eh?”
I reply “Yup” Alice signs it Alice Cooper 96’ then hesitates w/ the his pen 
& says “You know I’ll write Stooges forever?”
I say “Yeah that’s cool. Thanks very very much” Alice says “No problem”

So I ask for a shot w/ him & says “Sure.”
Brad shoots the pic I thank him again & say the last show was great. He says “Thank you”
BTW I ended up using that photo as a Christmas card that year.

Brad goes up w/ B$B CD to sign & a pic for a friend who lives in Conn., who’s likes Alice too.
I shot a pic w/ Brad & Alice too.

So we leave the barn & my brother said to me “So what were you talking about? You were up there for awhile.”
 “I look at him & say “Larry Fine.”  We all bursted out laughing. 
Later we’re walking to my car in the parking lot & I blurt out loud “Larry Fine?” 
We all started to laugh again so hard we were staggering to the car like drunks.

My brother says “after all these years I thought you were going to talk about his albums or concerts.” 
I said “I don’t know Alice sort of brought it up”
I jokingly said ‘I got to go back tomorrow & ask about Shemp Howard”

My friend Lisa I spoke with the next day said to me “that’s a great story cause now you have 
an Alice anecdote that no one else talked about.”  Then I thought yeah you’re right. 
People may think Alice was refering to Iggy Pop but it’s really The Three Stooges.

 and you thought that was an illustration on my profile

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