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1975, Billion Dollar Baby by Bob Greene, paperback

1975, paperback

Billion Dollar Baby 
by Bob Greene

Hardcover was released in 1974 the paperback in 1975. 
I remember finding this book in a card shop. Sort of like a Hallmark Store
but don't know if Hallmark had stores around the late 70's.

This book was written by Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene who toured 
with the band during Billion Dollar Babies Holiday tour of 1973. 
Greene was known to participate with his writing subjects. To give a first hand account 
of life on the road as a rock n roll star. Although Greene doesn't play any musical instruments 
he was involved in the theatrical aspect of the concert. He would come out at the end 
 of each show dressed as Santa Claus as the band would beat him up on stage.

This was written at a time when the Alice Cooper Group was getting tired of touring 
and the break up of the band as it showed in this book. Although the band said at times they 
just made up stories you can't hide the tension & paranoia. 

I found this to be a very boring book. 
Alice mostly stayed in the hotel room watching TV & playing poker. 
He was very concerned about being poisoned and received death threats
so whenever he ordered whiskey he would always ask for a new bottle with an unbroken seal. 
The other members sounded fed up with touring and talked about other things 
they rather do instead of performing.
I found it very depressing and by the end of the book I also was glad the tour was over.
Someday I may have to read this book again.

I haven't opened this book in a while so I just noticed at
the beginning of the book there are quotes from
newspapers and magazines such as Rolling Stone, Boston Globe,
Buffalo Courier-Express, etc, and one by
Hunter S. Thompson that reads...
"I was flat-out staggered by intrusion crafted in blood 
and guile - a talisman for our times!"

I always liked this illustration by Upshur
I believe this Thomas Upshur

Back Cover

Photos are mostly taken by well known rock n roll
Photographer Bob Gruen

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