Monday, December 30, 2013

2002, Alice's Bloody Rag, Final Issue

In the Fall of 2002
the final issue of Alice's Bloody Rag 
appeared in my mail. Unfortunately at the time there
was no notice by Kenny of this being a discontinued fanzine.

Creator Kenny Mik downsized the format 
from a 8.5x10 to 5.5x8.5 zine.

This must have taking up a lot of time and money
I'm pretty sure Kenny spent more than he made on
this publications but you can see he really enjoyed working on it.

So in closing I like to say THANK YOU 
Kenny Mik for all that you gave us.

This didn't have any random articles as the previous zines
It seems to be promoting The Dragontown Tour

a lot of the links below are not in service or has changed URLs

Notice the "Lift Here" at the bottom of the above page

Below is the foldout from that page

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