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2002, Bang Your Head book, Alice Cooper mentions

I've came across a few Alice Cooper mentions in "Bang Your Head" book
from Aerosmith, Twisted Sister and Guns N' Roses.

(this photo isn't in "Bang Your Head" book. I just added it 
for graphic purpose)

Pg 100 - Aerosmith
In 1978, it was clear Aerosmith wouldn’t stay together much longer.
That year the band appeared in the film Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club
Band, a disastrous musical that featured thirty Beatles songs performed
by an all-star cast. The Beatles declined to star in the film, so the Bee
Gees, along with Peter Frampton, were given the job. Aerosmith played
“the Future Villain Band,” and they performed “Come Together” on a
gigantic pile of money that represented the corporate greed of the record 
business. In the movie, disco represented the forces of good, and the
hard rockers were the bad guys (Alice Cooper also played one of the villains).

Pg 196 - Twisted Sister
In l985,Twisted Sister followed up Stay Hungry with Come Out and
Play, a title taken from a line in The Warriors. Play cost more than
$300,000 to record. The album featured an expensive pop-up cover
with Snider coming out of a manhole.The first single, a cover of “Leader
of the Pack,” didn’t fare well, so the label stopped promoting it, and the
album ultimately tanked. The tour for Come Out am1Play was canceled
after only eighteen shows.
With Dee Snider’s overexposure in the press and on MTV, Twisted
Sister had lost credibility with their fans. Just as when Alice Cooper
began appearing in public without makeup and playing golf with Groucho
Marx, metal fans were disappointed to see that Snider wasn’t the
monster he appeared to be onstage. “I went from being scary to being
cute,” he says “I was getting fan letters from girls in 16 Magazine saying
my favorite bands are Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, and Twisted Sister. I’m
goin’, Uh oh. Problem here, major problem.”

Pg 262 - Guns N’ Roses
Stiletto and Rose sometimes spent time hanging out on top of the
Bank of America building right above Gazzarri’s on the Sunset Strip,
talking about their dreams. A lot of musicians would go up to that roof
to drink late into the night, as the Strip below them grew empty and
quiet. Rose once told Stiletto that his parents refused to let him watch
Alice Cooper’s appearance on The Snoop Sisters, a short-lived ‘70s televi-
sion show. “I fucking flipped,” said Rose. “I went up to my room
shoved my face in the pillow, screaming!”

excerpts from...

"Bang Your Head"
The Rise And Fall Of Heavy Metal
by David Konow


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