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2001, Billion Dollar Babies - The Complete Battle Axe, 3 CD Set


The Complete Battle Axe, 3 CD Set

Billion Dollar Babies 

Battle Axe has always been my favorite post Alice Cooper album from the original band. 
The original Battle Axe vinyl came out in 1977 that I posted yesterday.

This 3 CD Set is not an Official release "Battle Axe" in my opinion is the best recording that combined the remaining Alice Cooper Group Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith although Glen Buxton wasn't involved at the time. 
Two other musicians included Bob Dolin who worked with the Alice Cooper Band back during The Billion Dollar Babies Tour and Mike Marconi who worked on Neal Smith's solo album in '74 which never got released until 1999.
 It is known in the internet circles that at first Neal Smith didn't acknowledge this 3CD set release and publicly wrote an open letter via internet expressing his opinion then later excepted it later on in interviews. I'm glad as an Alice Cooper fan of the original band it's out and it doesn't dimness them in my eyes or ears.

This 3 CD set goes as follows:

Disc 1: The Original "Battle Axe" Lp that was released. From what I'm told this is a copy of the vinyl burned on CD. I have the Lp but skips and crackles with age I am happy to get a clean version for myself. I know it's not studio enhanced & touched up in volume etc...but it's better than what I have in my collection.

Disc 2: Bonus Original Demos. Alternative lyrics and musical arrangements of songs that made "Battle Axe" plus some songs that didn't make it. It's interesting to hear the process of these songs and the finished product. 

A correction on the 2nd Disc is an unlisted track "I Don't Know Babe", between tracks 10 & 11. Correction of track 11 "Wallow Through This Madness" (not “Madhouse”).

Disc 3: First ever Live Show Flint, Michigan 1977. 

This is the only live recording of the Billion Dollar Babies. They sound primed and haven't missed a note. They perform their "Battle Axe" songs as well an Alice Cooper medley of tunes "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "Elected", "I'm Eighteen", "School's Out" and close the concert with "Billion Dollar Babies". 

The 3 CD set comes with a booklet of rare photos of the band performing as the Billion Dollar Babies and an interview with Michael Bruce from June 2001.

Front Jewel Case

Inside Front Jewel Case

Back Jewel Case

Disc One & Two

Disc Three

Front Cover of CD Booklet

Pg 1 & 2

Pg 3 & 4
Includes a 2001 interview with Michael Bruce

Pg 5 & 6

Pg 7 & 8

Pg 9 & 10

Pg 11 & 12

Pg 13 & 14

Pg 15 & 16

Pg 17 & 18

Back Cover of CD Booklet


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