Friday, July 4, 2014

1980, Alice Cooper Tour Book, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces

I never got a chance to see Alice perform during this time. 
I remember he was going to play an outdoor summer concert in New Hampshire
w/ a bunch of other New Wave bands. I do remember Garland Jeffreys
being one of the bands.
Then later I heard either the whole concert or Alice cancelled. I forget what 
it was but I recently found this tour book on eBay and the price was right 
so I took the opportunity to purchase it.
It is a bit worn w/ some scratches and minor tears and fold but
for it's age it's not a bad find.

All photos by Exley

This tour book was printed for Flush The Fashion Tour 1980
and Special Forces Tour 1981 - 82.
The only change was the credit page.

This one is from Flush The Fashion Tour 1980

some images bleed into the next page

Cover - 11x14 inches

Inside Cover

The only photo I recognize above on the wall over Alice's shoulder is 
Mackenzie Phillips of TV series One Day At A Time 
one of the biggest junkies of the eighties.

2 pg spread

Above pics is a pretty scary looking Alice. 
Looks like a character from Designing Women tv show.

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover


  1. There are two of these programs with the only difference being the Credits page as Alice used the programs for the Special Forces and Flush the Fashion tours.

    1. I posted that in the copy before the scans.

  2. I have one of those somewhere. Saw the live show at the Glasgow Apollo where he recorded live and released a 12 inch single from the gig. After the gig I managed to pick up one of the posters outside the venue. I met alice in the 90s backstage in stockholm and had the poster to sign. The head of teh AC fanclub worldwide was backstage and ran across the room to ask me where I got the poster as apparently only 3 were ever made and this was the only one he thought to still be around. Anyway, still have it despite him offering me shitloads for it. Gig was brilliant by the way.

  3. Thanks for that story Gonzo. Lucky dawg! Alice cancelled his show here so I never got to see him live at that time. If you send an image of that poster I like to post it.
    Any reaction by Alice when you presented the poster to him?