Friday, July 4, 2014

1980, Alice Cooper Tour Book, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces

I never got a chance to see Alice perform during this time. 
I remember he was going to play an outdoor summer concert in New Hampshire
w/ a bunch of other New Wave bands. I do remember Garland Jeffreys
being one of the bands.
Then later I heard either the whole concert or Alice cancelled. I forget what 
it was but I recently found this tour book on eBay and the price was right 
so I took the opportunity to purchase it.
It is a bit worn w/ some scratches and minor tears and fold but
for it's age it's not a bad find.

All photos by Exley

This tour book was printed for Flush The Fashion Tour 1980
and Special Forces Tour 1981 - 82.
The only change was the credit page.

This one is from Flush The Fashion Tour 1980

some images bleed into the next page

Cover - 11x14 inches

Inside Cover

The only photo I recognize above on the wall over Alice's shoulder is 
Mackenzie Phillips of TV series One Day At A Time 
one of the biggest junkies of the eighties.

2 pg spread

Above pics is a pretty scary looking Alice. 
Looks like a character from Designing Women tv show.

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover