Sunday, April 14, 2013

1995, The Complete Alice Cooper TPB

In 1995 Marvel Comics printed a Trade Paperback of all 3 stories of
The Last Temptation comic book. This TPB includes a Foreword by
Neil Gaiman and Afterword by Alice Cooper. Plus artists Michael Zulli and Dave McKean.

Love the graphics and layout of this TPB. Excellent work and great story.
This would of been a cool animated film.
I only scan 2 pages of the comic book story but included all the editorials from the above artists.

1995, Cover of TPB

Page 1

Page 2, Contents

Page 3 
Forward by Neil Gaiman

Page 4

Page 5

Neil Gaiman, Writer

Alice Cooper Biography by Dave Dickson
I cropped it to read better

Following 3 pages are the full view of Bio

Michael Zulli, Artist

Dave McKean, Cover Artist

Alice Cooper Album Discography

Sample pages of story from Artist Michael Zulli

Afterword by Alice Cooper

Back Cover

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