Friday, June 14, 2013

1993, Dramarama, Alice cameo photo opt

In 1993 Dramarama released HI-FI SCI-FI CD. I found this in a bargain bin.
It was funny as I unfolded the CD booklet to see Alice Cooper next to Dramarama
Bass player Chris Carter. As I looked through out the booklet I see there was no listing 
of Alice Cooper as guest. So this is just a candid photo of bands meeting backstage 
or in the studios happen to snap a pic of them w/ Alice.

This was funny as I brought this into work & showed a co-worker
she cracked up saying it's nine degrees of Alice Cooper

Note: Alice doesn't appear on the CD

Alice Cooper next to Dramarama
Bass player Chris Carter

CD Booklet folded out
Alice pic is on the top right corner

1993, Dramarama "HI-FI SCI-FI" 
CD Cover

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