Sunday, June 16, 2013

ICON "Right Between The Eyes" Vinyl and CD

ICON "Right Between The Eyes" release w/ Alice Cooper on 2 tracks
"Two For The Road" and "Holy's Man War"
The only two songs worth listening too.

ICON "Right Between The Eyes"
Vinyl Cover
(actually this is the CD booklet but it's the same image
unlike the back cover)

Vinyl Back Cover

Vinyl Sleeve

Vinyl Sleeve Other Side

Large version of Alice w/ ICON
pic is at bottom right sleeve

Vinyl Side A

Vinyl Side B

ICON "Right Between The Eyes"
CD Cover Booklet

CD Back Cover Booklet

CD Booklet inside
Pg 1 - 2

Pg 3 - 4

Pg 5 - 6

Pg 7 - 8

Pg 9 - 10

Back CD Jewel Case


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