Saturday, January 18, 2014

1980, oct, Hit Parader, Flush The Fashion/Roadie

I found this PDF on line from
 October 1980
Hit Parader issue

2 articles one review of Flush The Fashion
the other about the making of Roadie the movie.

Flush The Fashion review
Pg 13 (cropped)

Pg 34

Pg 35

Pg 58

Pg 13 full page
here's the full page that included Flush The Fashion
it's right under Lou Reed's Growing Up In Public
that they also gave a poor review. 
Honestly Growing Up In Public is one of my favorite Reed lps.
Reviews on Pete Townshend's Empty Glass that was very popular
and one of his best solos. Another favorite of mine is Thin Lizzy's 
Phil Lynott who released his first solo Solo In Soho lp.
Plus others like Billy Squier, Ted Nugent and more.

Pg 14

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