Friday, January 24, 2014

1971, june, Circus / officially closes

Back on October 14, 2013
I posted a Retro article
from July 31, 1994, Circus issue.

The following is the original issue from

June 1971



Pg 4, Contents

Pg 16

Pg 50, 
Hot Wax Predictions

----------------------------------------------------------- officially closes today.
If anyone who followed I appreciate it.
It actually started as an exercise in learning Dreamweaver software
I believe I started off w/ Adobe GoLive then Dreamweaver.
Then continued for over 10 years of my reviews of Alice Cooper collection
from official albums, books, bootlegs, videos, etc...

I decided to change to evenspotspeaks blogspot
and view my printed Alice Cooper collection along w/
other Alice Cooper memorabilia.

I don't know if will return and if so
maybe under another name. I kept all my copy so
if I do I just have to update. 

Thanks to all and continue visiting

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