Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014, Raise The Dead Live From Wacken CD/DVD

2014, 2 CDs/ 1 DVD
Raise The Dead Live From Wacken
Alice Cooper

Did you hear "DaDa"?
I watched the DVD first so when Alice was being wheeled out on the gurney into the graveyard
 during the instrumental prior to “Breaking On Through” you hear the intro vocal of 
“...Da Da...” echoing in the graveyard. I don’t know if I was the only one who heard it 
but I sat up when it appeared. This may be the closest thing to ever hearing any songs 
from “Da Da” album even if it's only one word. It’s also on the CD if you listen very closely.

Alice gives an amazing show at Wacken, Germany on this double CD and one DVD package
 includes a cool 16 page color booklet. The CDs are longer than the DVD that edit out 2 covers
 “Foxy Lady” and “Revolution” that I don’t get since it’s titled “Raise The Dead” it focuses on
 Alice’s “dead drunk friends” why eliminate these 2 tracks. If they needed the space you could 
of taken out 2 Alice songs he always plays in concert. 

It’s good to hear “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)” live which I hear is very popular
 over in Europe. The band does a good instrumental during “Dirty Diamonds” and have to 
say Alice always has a good band with him. I really can’t point out a weak backing band period.
 They all seem to put their own style on the tunes.

As for the DVD Alice even covers Jim Morrison’s mannerism on stage from holding the mic 
w/ both hands to some of his gestures on “Breaking On Through”.
Alice’s tribute to Keith Moon of The Who covering “My Generation” which he did on 
“Brutal Planet” live CD/DVD. 
On the CD Alice covers two more tracks John Lennon “Revolution” and Jimi Hendrix 
“Foxy Lady” which Orianthi does an outstanding solo. 
I have more to say on the covers in general but maybe in a later post.

I did enjoy seeing this tour on DVD but one problem was the camera angles. I think I seen the
 back of Glen Sobel’s head more than the front of the stage. I get it there is a lot of people here. 

The DVD includes a 20 minute interview that Alice talks about this tour and working on his
 cover’s album. Alice also gives some insite on his longevity in the business and advice to 
the newer bands.


Back Cover

Inside Folded CD/DVD

Open to 4 panels
first section CD Book Holder and CD 1

CD 2 and DVD

Sample view of inside CD Booklet 16 pages
has some colorful photos of the concert
and great design layout

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