Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NEW That EvenSpot Blog

Since I pretty much went through my Alice Cooper collection
although I didn't scan all my albums or CDs and other items
pretty much what every Alice Cooper fans has in their collection.
I will still post items just not daily as you may have noticed the
past month or so.

I do have a substantial amount of music publications
and not only issues including Alice Cooper. I have collected
a number of issues of some of my other favorite bands.
So decided to have a section on magazines, albums, CDs,
DVDs, VHS, Cassette tapes plus some promos that
I have collected throughout the years.

That EvenSpot Blog is a sort of 
That Metal Show which I love watching on t.v.

I figure I would start on National Heavy Metal Day
Of course this isn't all Metal cause to tell the truth I don't think 
I have that much Metal. I'm more Rock but I listen to mostly all
genres of music. So I hope you find some interesting stuff at

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