Monday, December 29, 2014

1996, ANTiSEEN, Sick Things guest Michael Bruce

AntiSeen - Here To Ruin Your Groove CD, 1996
"Sick Things" with guest lead guitar Michael Bruce

AntiSeen is a great garage band and at one point some of them backed GG Allin as The Murder Junkies
On this CD they cover "Sick Things" that includes guest on lead guitar Michael Bruce
This is a very good version of "Sick Things" that Michael Bruce performs 
at his classic best. The intro of this song is the
intro from "Lay Down And Die, Goodbye".
AntiSeen even covers "Needle And The Spoon" from Lynyrd Skynyrd
 They re-released this CD in 2003 with 2 bonus tracks.

CD Booklet opens as a 4 panel booklet

Two page spread

Back Cover Booklet

Inside cover

Inside two page spread

last page


Behind CD holder

Back Jewel Case CD

"Sick Things" youtube

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