Friday, April 3, 2015

2014, Nurture & Support podcast, Alice Cooper Special Forces & Comic Books

I just stumbled upon this podcast called Nurture & Support
Not really familiar with the program.

1st podcast is
Episode 38 - Alice Cooper's army meets Bloaty Head
from August 29, 2014
which talks about Alice Cooper's "Special Forces" record.
this episode starts off w/ Alice Cooper up to about 13:00 on the time counter.

On episode 55 they discuss the 3 Alice Cooper Comic Books.
"Tales From The Inside", "The Last Temptation" and
the latest from Dynamite Comics "Alice."

Episode 55 - The Return of Alice Cooper and Creepy Cute
from December 26, 2014
The Alice section starts at 15:00 and ends around 27:30 time counter

I found it funny that they didn't even know Neil Gaiman
How can you not know Neil Gaiman. Also on the character Steven
they mention he was in "Welcome To My Nightmare" which is right but
then go on to say in "Alice Cooper Goes To Hell" Steven went to hell.
When actually it was Alice Cooper going to Hell hence the title.
Steven was told this bedtime story that is printed in the vinyl sleeve or
CD booklet notes.
But any interest in Alice Cooper is good news.

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