Friday, April 10, 2015

Dee Snider on Eddie Trunk Interview talks a bit on Alice Cooper Group

The Eddie Trunk Podcast and Youtube on March 9, 2015
is an interview w/ Dee Snider.

Ever since I known Twisted Sister I always knew Dee was a big Alice Cooper fan.
I remember at onetime he even jammed w/ members of the Original Alice Cooper.

During this interview Dee brings up Alice Cooper 3 times. You can tell Eddie Trunk doesn't
know much of Alice Cooper cause he changes the conversation. Trunk is a KISS fan
and actually just came into knowing Alice Cooper recently. He probably didn't even know
Alice Cooper started out as a band. 

Anyway Dee brings up Neal Smith and Michael Bruce saying Bruce wrote a number
of Alice Cooper hits. Also Dee quotes from Bruce saying "never name a band after the singer."
Another part of the interview Dee brings up how angry he was as a kid when Alice Cooper band
broke up that he even wrote a song about it but never recorded it. Dee reads off a few lines of the song.
Dee also gives the Alice Cooper Group credit for being recognized in the R n' R Hall of Fame.
Then final time Dee talks about retiring and says Alice Cooper said he will retire 3 years after The Stones retire. 

So if you go to the Youtube interview at

1st counter time: 12:42 - 13:27
2nd: 31:50 - 33:40
3rd: 43:00 - 43:50

If for some reason Youtube is down you can hear it at
Eddie Trunk Podcast

1st counter time: 29:50
2nd: 48:45
3rd: 1:00:00

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