Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015, Hollywood Vampires vinyl

When the release of Hollywood Vampires on vinyl was
coming out I went to Newbury Comics to pick it up.
Unfortunately only a few selected stores had them.
So I didn't get it right away but I remember the store clerk
said the one at Faneuil Hall in Boston has one. I figured it
would of been bought by now since the CDs were sold out
and had to wait for second shipping.
So I put it off and received an email from Newbury Comics that
last Friday was 25% OFF on all vinyl so I called up
and they still had it. So they were kind of enough to hold it until I got
there which wasn't a long time. 
So it originally was $25.99 w/ discount the cost was $19.49.

This album come in two vinyls
All the tracks are the same order as the CD
Just broken up
Side A is 4 tracks
Side B is 3 tracks
Side C is 4 tracks
Side D is 3 tracks

The gatefold includes the intro by Bernie Taupin
and the track list w/ credits of who's playing on each track
just like the inside of the CD booklet.

Vinyl sleeves were just white paper

I was actually hoping to find some candid photos of these musicians
in the studio or something. Matter of fact the artwork on the 
inside cover of the CD booklet doesn't appear here.

The vinyl label is like the CD artwork.
Of course vinyl now is much heavier and the sound quality is much better.

2015, Hollywood Vampires 


Back Cover


Inside gatefold

One of the record labels

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