Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2011 Supagroup Touring with Alice Cooper

I just came across this post on July 2011 story from 2fast2die site
on the group Supagroup who tells of their story of touring w/ Alice Cooper.
I thought it was a cool story of how Alice looks out for the newer bands and helps them out.

...Touring with Alice Cooper was our first big break. We had opened for him in New Orleans a few years before and he remembered us when we submitted for the tour. For a band used to playing small clubs and sleeping on floors to playing hockey rinks to thousands of people … needless to say it was a pretty big deal for us. Alice was so cool. He would bring us on his bus and tell us stories of playing with Zeppelin. We started referring to him as “Uncle Alice.” He would also give us huge pointers — the kind I won’t share with your readers. His band, crew, everyone was so professional. On that tour we kind of blossomed on a different level. We wrote the entire album “Rules” on that tour. And being on that level helped us land Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin) as our producer. 

The second time Alice asked us to tour was much different. We were scrambling right after Katrina not knowing what was going to happen, watching our city in tatters, and we were scattered all over the country. Such a horrible time. He reached out to us and asked if we’d like to come out on tour instead of watching CNN all day. Uncle Alice to the rescue! I felt bad for the band that was supposed to get that slot, but Alice was like, “Hey, you got no homes.” I cannot stress how much that meant to us. It was more than just a tour. We were traveling all over, so we got to touch base with so many people we hadn’t heard from since the storm....

I just took the Alice Cooper except from 2fast2die site 
but check out the other interesting stories as well.

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