Sunday, December 18, 2016

Alice appears in Power Man And Iron Fist comics

I still enjoy reading comic books. Mostly I've been purchasing the
Trade Paper Back Books that are collection of issues in one publication.
I couldn't afford to buy individually now. Hell even some to the Trade Paper Backs 
are getting ridiculously high in price. I've been going back
to 60's and 70's. I seem to like the illustrations and stories of the 70's.

I purchased Marvel Epic Collection
Heroes For Hire, Volume 1
(collection from 1977 - 1981
that are well over 400 pages)

So we skip to this issue of Marvel's Power Man And Iron Fist
Dec. #60 1979 issue titled "Terrorist Manifesto"
This panel shows Luke Cage (Power Man) looking for information
as he walks into a record shop and the owner is holding an album w/
Alice Cooper's face on it. It could be "From The Inside" album
since Alice did that album on Marvel Premiere #50 Issue during
the same year.

Another Alice Cooper mention popped up in another comic book
I had and gave away which now I'm searching for it.
It was a Daredevil comic book and on
one page Daredevil comes flying into his apartment's bedroom
when his friends are in the other room. They hear a noise and yell
Matt is that you? (Matt Murdork is Daredevils identity).
He yells from the other room "No It's Alice Cooper"
Now I don't have that book anymore and don't remember what issue
it came from but pretty sure it was around late 70's.
I'm still searching for it.

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