Friday, July 7, 2017

2017, “Radio Capital” interviews Alice Cooper and previews 2 new 'Paranormal' songs

Italian Radio Show Radio Capital interviews Alice Cooper
in English which they translate in Italian. Interview starts at around 19:10 
includes preview of 2 new songs from 'Paranormal' album. 
The title track 'Paranormal' about 27:50 and 'Genuine American Girl
around 34:38 interview closes out w/ “School’s Out”.

Interview on July 4, 2017 

EvenSpotSpeaks comments: After listening to the 2 new tracks on "Paranormal"
the first song "Paranormal" sounds pretty good sort of spooky sounding.
2nd track "Genuine American Girl" is disappointing to me.
This song includes the original band I was expecting a rocker sound
and I'm not saying like "Killer" or "Love It To Death" those days are gone
but something like "When Hell Comes Home" from W2MN but 
"Genuine American Girl" reminds me of The Beach Boys w/
Weird Al Yankovic lyrics. 
It doesn't sound like Alice Cooper past or present. It's a shame this
would be a track I would skip even w/ the original band playing on it.

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