Monday, July 24, 2017

"Paranormal" out by end of the week July 28th

Ok so we are all waiting for "Paranormal" to be released this Friday the 28th.
Like most of you I have preordered the vinyl and the Special Edition Box Set which is really just 2
 CDs and maybe a t-shirt. I'm not sure about the t-shirt but honestly just interested in the 2 CDs.
There have been stories of different track lists on each and stuff and again I'm just ignoring it
until I get these physical copies of my own.

Another thing I am currently trying to avoid the reviews of the tracks.
I like to hear them on my own w/ out any outside influence. I did however hear
3 tracks so far the 1st cut "Paranoiac Personality" which I thought was ok. To me
it seemed Popish I don't know if that's a word but I mean it's Pop music. Nothing sinister about it.

Funny story is my 2 little nieces ages 8 & 11 like some of Alice Cooper's music. 
They love "Brutal Planet" and some of the classics like "School's Out", "No More Mr. Nice Guy".
When they heard "Paranoiac Personality" they said it sounded like it came from
Phineas and Ferb cartoon. A very funny cartoon of Phineas and his step brother Ferb who always
 get into adventures and on some episodes they may sing a song since they have a rock band as well.
 Think of it as an updated Archies. I have to agree that's where the Pop music came in for me.

The next 2 songs I heard are the title track "Paranormal" and "Genuine American Girl" that contains 
the original band. "Paranormal" I do like. It reminds me of "Along Came A Spider" album. 
It has that creepy Alice sound. Alice tells the story of Bob Ezrin forming 
Alice Cooper saying something like "When you hear The Doors you know it's The Doors when you
 hear The Stones you know it's The Stones. No one knowns what Alice sounds like we have to make
 it that people know Alice." This is very loosely based on what he said but you get it.
Unfortunately Ezrin didn't heed his words on the next track "Genuine American Girl"
with Alice and the original band. Alice changed the lyrics and made Alice
a crossdresser singing "...I Wanna Be A Genuine American Girl..." Now this just reminds me of
"Saga of Jesse Jane" a track from "Dirty Diamonds" 2005 album. Only  "Genuine American Girl"
sounds like a Beach Boys song. Alice said it's early Alice I think he means maybe when 
they were called The Spiders because it is surf music. I don't remember any tracks from
 "Killer" or "Love It To Death" sounding like it. Matter of fact go far back as "Pretties For You
and "Easy Action" which Alice is now saying in press "those 2 albums were Spider/Nazz songs".
It's a shame since "When Hell Comes Home" from "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" was
written by Michael Bruce and played by the original band sounded so close to classic
Alice Cooper music of the 70's.

So in closing I am anticipating the release and right now I rate it as
1 like "Paranormal", 1 eh OK "Paranoiac Personality", and 
1 I'll skip this track "Genuine American Girl". 

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