Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1986-87(?), Misc. article, He's Back

I have no idea which magazine this article came from. I search both sides of the pages
& no hint of any publication.
Could be from 1986 since they are talking about Constrictor album.
I do know there are still some articles in '87 but this sounds like an early one.
By the number of articles I have saved Alice does a lot of promoting of this album.
This is actually his return since Special Forces back in 1981.

Pg 61

Pg 62

Pg 63
It's funny reading these older articles & see what they plan in their future.
Alice says ...He'd also like to try writing a movie script and might 
"retire when I'm 50 and get somebody to play Alice-and I could direct."
Bottom left photo 1979, From The Inside album "Mad House Rock Tour"

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