Friday, February 1, 2013

2012, Cooper'stown Bobblehead

I purchase this Alice Cooper Bobblehead on eBay from Cooper'stown in AZ.
They were selling them for $20 w/ shipping & handling it came out to $26.85.
I bought on January 25th and received it by USPS on January 31st.
From what it sounds like on the eBay description they plan on making more
in different styles. Just like the NHL Coyotes version they sold at the opening game.

This is the photo from eBay

This is my purchase which is exactly the same item.
It's a little over 7 inches tall and is surprisingly heavy.
It's not some cheap plastic bobblehead.

Back view on base reads COOPER'STOWN

Label on plain white box

This is the NHL Coyotes version that was on eBay for $30.
It's the same bobblehead only shirt is red w/ Coyotes logo
& base is also red w/ the Coyotes logo on plaque.
The box has more graphics.

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