Thursday, February 7, 2013

1996, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith Interviews

I purchased these 2 cassette tape interviews from Glass Onyon Distribution back in '97.
I do see these interviews are now on CD at AntBee's website w/ some extras.
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The Michael Bruce Interview:
Michael is interviewed by a "Dr. Nobody" someone imitating a bad German accent. Michael talks about how he got involved in music. Learning to play guitar and forming a band called The Wildflowers then joined a new group that would later be called Alice Cooper. 
This inteview was pretty good but volume is a bit low. Michael talks about the first album in Frank Zappa's studio and performing in "Diary of a Mad Housewife" movie.

After 17 minutes it seems there is another interview taking over. At the beginning there is a humming sound in the background and I think Michael is sitting on a squeaking chair that goes on for a few minutes but clears up.
Michael gives an interesting story of working w/ Producer Bob Ezrin saying that they seemed to clash at times. Also interesting story on Glen Buxton and how he went down hill after his guitar and suitcase was stolen from a hotel.
Michael gives his view on the break up of the band which is a very interesting story that sounds more plausible than the version Alice tells the press.
Also a good interview on the making of "Love It To Death" album. Some good stories on other Alice Cooper albums from "Pretties For You" and more. It sounds like this was a longer interview that was edited or maybe never continued.

I blurred the Glass Onyon address because it's an out dated location.

The Neal Smith Interview:
A very clear clean recording of Neal Smith reading a total of 30 questions. 
First Neal reads the question then gives his answer. The questions were written by someone named Kevin. Neal goes back to first meeting the Pre-Alice Cooper band during that time they were called The Nazz.

Neal and Michael Bruce both give the story of being introduced to Shep Gorden by Neal's sister Cindy Smith who worked in a dress shop. Dennis also gives this story in interviews. I think Alice likes to spice it up by saying Jimi Hendrix introduced them to their manager. Alice is a good storyteller and likes to embelish his tales. I guess w/ his creative lyrics it comes w/ the territory. Neal is very detailed in answering the questions and gives some interesting stories.

Neal had a good idea of doing a bio of the band in that they all sit in a room and contribute to the story. I think that would of been an interesting book although maybe less people would have exited the room than entered. 

I know this tape cover reads but I believe it was also distributed
by Glass Onyon.

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