Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1996, Alice's Bloody Rag Zine #1

In late 1996 Kenny Mik a SickThing Chat Group member put out an Alice Cooper Fanzine
called Alice's Bloody Rag. I believe only 4 issues came out plus a few small mailers and
a Tribute issue to Glen Buxton.

I think it was mailed out 4 times a year at $3.50 an issue.
It was totally cool and I enjoyed flipping through the pages of each issue.
Of course it was black & white and some of the photocopies were dark or smudged but
that was the way of the fanzine. It's like reading an old comic book w/ the newsprint feel
between your fingers. I guess you have to experience it to love it.

Unfortunately I don't know the reason for the short life span of the publication.
I can understand it does take a lot of time putting one together.
Plus living in the "real time" internet age getting the news by mail makes the fanzine obsolete.
Each issue wasn't all recent news it included a lot of old articles from top known publications to local newspapers sent in by fans.
Also some concert photos and fan art work. It was a ball to read.
I don't know what became of Kenny Mik. About a year I did a search and seen him on facebook.
I didn't contact him I just came across his front page but when I recently checked I couldn't locate him.

This Premiere issue came out late '96 around Sept/Oct as you see on the 4th last page
wishing readers a Happy Halloween '96.

To really enjoy the Fanzine I suggest print out and staple the pages to get the full effect.

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