Saturday, October 5, 2013

1996, oct, Metal Edge, "Alice Rocks Cabo"

October 1996
Metal Edge

Yeah $2.99 at a Record Show I should of gotten less due to
the cover being ripped...

"Alice Rocks Cabo"

This was the concert on VH1 and the release of
"Fistful of Alice" CD.

There was talk that Hollywood Records label was going to release the whole concert.
Alice ended up leaving the label after the release of "Fistful of Alice" CD. 
So we only got to see the 30 minute concert on VH1 and Hollywood Records shelved
the rest of the concert never to see the light of day.

Pg 12

Pg 13

Pg 14

Pg 15

Pg 98, Metal Edge Asks:
This section is usually 3 or 4 pages long but I only posted Alice's response 
which is the last one on this page

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