Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013, Besto Blanco, Live Fast Die Loud CD

Just received this in the mail yesterday
Chuck Garric's new band 
Beasto Blanco "Live Fast Die Loud"
that was released on October 29th

Just on the first listen this CD is very good.
The title "Live Fast Die Loud" pretty much covers
what to expect in this CD. Just none stop pedal to the metal.

You can purchase Beasto Blanco "Live Fast Die Loud" CD at

Beasto Blanco "Live Fast Die Loud"
CD front & back cover

Inside cover
It's hard to read the copy at the bottom being small & very dark.
I did spot Chuck giving thanks to Alice and Calico Cooper and Shep Gordon

Back cover jewel case


including 2 stickers at 4 inches round

4.25x5.5 Song Lyrics & Photo Book

front & back cover

Inside cover & Pg 1

Pg 2 & 3

Pg 4 & 5

Pg 6 & 7

Pg 8 & inside back cover

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