Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1997, oct, Alice's Bloody Rag, Issue 4

This is actually the last of the 8x10 size Alice's Bloody Rag fanzine.
Ken releases a special Tribute to G.B. that I will be posting soon
and a final half sized Alice's Bloody Rag in 2002.

Of course for better reading you can just drag 
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1997, October cover
Bloody Rag
Issue 4

Following is Part 2 Interview from 1997 Canadian Music Week
Part 1 was in issue 3 of Alice's Bloody Rag posted on June 19, 2003

Below is a cropped version of following 3 page Part 2 Interview

Below page Kenny post next issue previews
Unfortunately this never came about
I was looking forward to the interview w/ Neal Smith and Michael Bruce

Also on bottom left Kenny Mik post a special supplementary 
issue on a Glen Buxton Tribute coming out soon

Each issue included a piece of a puzzle.
The 4th issue completed puzzle.

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