Thursday, February 26, 2015

1969, Photographer Ed Caraeff, "Pretties For You" photo shoot

Here are a number of photos taken during the
debut "Pretties For You" album by photographer Ed Caraeff.
I found two of Ed's photos on his site
the others someone sent to me a while back w/ the word "sample" across the photo.
These are amazing pieces I would like to see more of this photo shoot.
Two of the photos are available at for $600.
If I had some spare cash I would get one of them.

First is the photo that made it to the back of the Pretties For You album.

It was said that the Alice Cooper Group didn't approve this photo 
they had another one in mind but Frank Zappa approved it
 without the band's knowledge.

Following are from Ed Caraeff photo shoot

The following 2 photos are available at

11x14 - $600

11x14 - $600

This is the official photo of Alice used inside the album.

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