Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eddie Trunk talks about Alice Cooper and guest on podcast soon

In the beginning of Eddie Trunks Podcast w/ this week 2/25/15 guest Joe Holmes
Eddie talks a bit about opening the Alice Cooper show in Florida.
Eddie talks about how Alice is still going strong and better than ever.
He even mentions of having Alice on his Podcast in a few weeks.

If you are not familiar w/ Eddie's podcast it's a new program he has been doing
for a few months now. Sometimes he has guest come to him other times he'll
take advantage of interviewing them on the phone or when he does an opening
like he did this time w/ Alice Cooper. Eddie didn't say this but I'm pretty sure
he spoke w/ Alice sometime before or after the concert.

So if you listen to the first 10 minutes of the 2/25/15
Joe Holmes interview you will hear the praises by Eddie Trunk
on Alice Cooper. Also the podcasts are very good if you are any type
of a heavy metal or rock fan. You find some interesting stuff about the guest
and Eddie talks about some of the current heavy metal or rock events.

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