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February 12, 2015, Austin City Limit review

February 12, 2015 
LIVE - Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

I was able to watch the concert on TV Pay Per View channel. 
This concert is like the Raise The Dead Live In Wacken DVD/CD that was previously released with minor changes.

First was new guitarist Nita Strauss replacing Orianthi. The other is one song change from “Department of Youth” to “Lost In America” a much better song in my opinion.

I notice the camera angels were good but the direction at times I have questions. For example on “He’s Back (Man Behind The Mask)” very quickly you see someone on stage walking up to Alice asking for directions as he points to the other side of the stage. I figured out since the song was in Friday The 13th the girl was a camper holding a map. At first I thought it was a newspaper then it hit me oh a map. But you don’t see her on the stage the camera goes to the guitarists. I was waiting to see if Jason shows up w/ machete I don’t know if he appears or not I have no idea what happens to the lost camper.
On a funnier level during “Ballad of Dwight Fry” Alice’s wife Sheryl plays the nurse usually holds a baby. This time she is holding two babies a little nod to being new Grandparents to twins. Also Alice changes the line in the song from like to see that little children she's only four years old” to “they’re only 12 weeks old” another nod to little Falcon and Riot Cooper.

As for new guitarist Nita Strauss did an amazing solo a few times especially during middle of show after Glen’s drum solo and on “Foxy Lady” she just fits right into the band like she’s been w/ them for years.
In all it was a great show that went by pretty quick.

guitar: Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss, Tommy Henriksen
bass: Chuck Garric, drums: Glen Sobel
nurse: Sheryl Cooper

Hello Hooray (Intro) 
House Of Fire 
No More Mr. Nice Guy 
Under My Wheels 
I'll Bite Your Face Off 
Billion Dollar Babies 
Lost In America
Hey Stoopid 
Dirty Diamonds (incl. drum solo and Nita guitar solo) 
Welcome To My Nightmare 
Go To Hell 
He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) 
Feed My Frankenstein 
Ballad Of Dwight Fry 
Killer (partial) / I Love The Dead (partial)
Break On Through 
Foxy Lady 
My Generation 
I'm Eighteen 
School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall (Band introduction)

Very funny t-shirt that Tommy is sporting reads "I'm Not Johnny Depp"

Ryan Roxie one of my favorite guitarist just wish I had more pics on him during this concert

Nurse Sheryl w/ twins Falcon and Riot. Very funny tribute I wonder how many got it.

I thought this was very funny as a fan gets a selfie w/ Tommy playing & grinning on stage

Alice w/ band as drummer Glen Sobel out of shot walking over

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