Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015, MOJO, Hollywood Vampires and Reissue Studio Albums 1969-1983

October 2015, MOJO issue
In "What Goes On" section MOJO talks to
Alice Cooper about The Hollywood Vampires history
and new recording.

Pg 14 - 15

Filter Reissues Extra section
Pg 109

Review on Alice Cooper Reissue Studio Albums 1969-1983

EvenSpotSpeaks note: Hunter's SickThings chat group back in the 90's would remember the time
that Alice's assistant Brian Nelson spoke of Rhino releasing these recordings
w/ bonus tracks on each CD. I remember Brian asking SickThings to write
intros for the reissued recordings. I actually wrote one for "DADA"
unfortunately nothing ever came from it. Such a shame I know many
Alice Cooper fans would of loved to see something like that happen.

 from 2015, Oct, MOJO

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